Painthing - Where Are You Now...? (CD)

Painthing - Where Are You Now...? (CD)

death doom metal, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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Дебютный альбом польской команды Painthing, записанный после долгих лет профессиональной деятельности и множества концертов. Это выверенный депрессивный doom death metal в лучших традициях школы 1990-х годов, периода расцвета стиля. Оригинальное сочетание депрессивного настроения с мелодичностью и тяжестью дополняется оформлением диска, выполненным Michal «Xaay» Loranc (известным по работе с Nile, Behemoth и другими группами).

1 Between 8:27
2 Widow And The King 7:37
3 Buzz And Madness 6:51
4 The Shell I Live In 7:58
5 Psychosis 4:48 7:51
6 Only Death Will Divide Us 5:59
7 To Live Is To Fight 7:53
8 So Be It 3:42

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Where Are You Now...?
death doom metal
Compact Disk
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Solitude Productions
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SP. 139-18
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Breathing the Core


Our life, however sometimes difficult, is ours indeed. That’s why it’s us who take whole responsibility for it and it’s us, who pay all the price for wrong decisions.

People around us tend to share their visions of how we ought to live, use to give advice even if we don’t ask for it.

They know better.
Bullshit – isn’t it?

On the other hand, sometimes they may be right, and such thought comes to us especially when we are in doubt or we fucked something up.

The truth is that we never know...

But what we know for sure is that no one will live our lives instead of us. So our decisions are always right, even if we make mistakes, they are our mistakes.


I remember the first time I visited a hospice – place that provides end-of-life care for patients who cannot be cared for at home.

Loneliness and sorrow were the first impressions I got.

The conditions there were really good, as the hospice was quite expensive.

Someone who paid for that probably was rich enough to provide the best care for the patients.

Mainly there were children, paying for their parents.

One lady which I spoke with, told me that she was grateful to her son, who placed her in such a good place, after her husband died.

He pays the fee, visits her once per 3-4 weeks and for sure he would like to see her more often, but he’s a very busy man of success.

I believe that the lady was truly proud of her son.

But the sadness in her eyes was much more convincing than everything she had said...


Kings and queens of life. Almighty gods of pleasure and joy reaching the edge of buzz and madness. How many of them are the ones who try to cure their pain behind the mask of temporary happiness? Cure with drugs, alcohol, instant pleasures and everything what may help them to disconnect from the suffering they feel every day.

Too many...

At the end of the day, they become patients of hospitals, drug treatment clinics or even psychiatric wards. Dependent on medicines and other people. Sick and helpless. They wait for death - abandoned and miserable. But once, they were kings of life...


Do you remember the guy from Metallica’s video „One”? Sometimes that picture comes back to me in flashbacks.

Our life is our primal right.

The same is death.

It’s one of my deepest fears, to be in the situation when I suffer constantly, beyond the limit, without any hope to recover and don’t have even the possibility to die.

Denying the right to decide about it’s own death while the person feels constant pain, in the name of humanity, Law, God or whatever it is... is inhuman.


The last drama of Sarah Kane, before she died committing suicide. The diary of her last days of life, filled with mental illness, suffering and loneliness.

4:48 am, when she used to wake up in the state of deep depression. This song is based on the drama of Sarah Kane and includes the part of her monologue. The lyrics compiles this original monologue with our vision of it, to embrace the short, but holistic form.

The music reflects the psychotic vein and growing madness. One of the most moving drama performances I have ever seen and the real, although poetic footage of the pure tragedy of human being.


The story of relation so strong that may be ended only by death. The first thought that usually comes to mind is about relation of pure love or friendship able to survive everything what may happen in life.

Nevertheless – life gives much more options. This relation is strong indeed, but in a twisted way.

Humiliation, loneliness, disappointment, hatred...

So frequently people live together only because they are dependent on themselves. Sometimes the dependence lays only on one side and it opens an area for abasement. All positive feelings are dying in a slow agony, day by day, but for some reason there’s no way out from this toxic relation.

It may happen that the last act of dignity or independence is suicidal death.


Life is a journey.
Each of us experiences this journey differently, in a very personal way.
And this journey is not easy.
Even if you have loving people around, you are always facing your fears, emotions or pain alone.
You need to stand for this struggle solitarily.
It doesn’t matter who you are – if you consider yourself as strong or weak – it’s always you, who wins or
is defeated in those battles.
Constant fight until you die.
The good news is that if you are still alive, it means you are on the winning position...

8. SO BE IT:

This entire album is about fears.
The feelings and emotions we are afraid of.
The tragedies and experiences that we even don’t want to think about.
In music, we can face them. Not literally of course, but can try to imagine the hypothetical situation, sip the taste of tragedy we wouldn’t like to experience to tame the fear that dwells inside.
Obviously it won’t prepare us to anything, but some of us will take advantage of this illusion somehow.
Sometimes we are not able to avoid the misery and the only thing we can do is to accept the burden and move on.
Even if it seems to be impossible...

Author: Screamer
All Around Metal

Album di debutto per i polacchi Painthing, Doom/Death band dell'incantevole Varsavia formatasi nel 2014 per mano del cantante/chitarrista Kuba Grobelny, del chitarrista Michał Świdnicki e del tastierista Darek Ojdana, con la line up che si stabilizza dfinitvamente l'anno dopo con l'ingresso della sezione ritmica affidata ai fratelli (presumo) Jan e Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki, rispettivamente basso e batteria, ed insieme in ogni band in cui fanno o facevano parte.

Prodotti dalla russa Solitude Productions, il quintetto polacco fondamentalmente rende omaggio con il proprio sound alla golden age del Doom/Death, quegli anni '90 in cui è in pratica iniziata la leggenda di gruppi come My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost ed Anathema; ed è a loro che bisogna volgere lo sguardo per ritrovare le palesi influenze che possiamo riscontrare nell'ascoltare questo "Where Are You Now...?". Un debut album ottimamente prodotto ed egregiamente suonato dai Painthing, un Doom/Death di scuola britannica eseguito alla perfezione dai nostri, ma che alla fine lascia con la sensazione che s'abbia davanti solo il compito ben eseguito da un alunno diligente. Mi spiego meglio: "Where Are You Now...?" non è affatto un brutto album, anzi si lascia benissimo ascoltare grazie a brani che sanno come funzionare - mi viene in mente in primis la bella "Widow and the King" o la seguente "Buzz and Madness" -, ma il tutto ha quell'aria di troppo derivativo dalle tre leggende britanniche di cui sopra, a discapito di quel tocco di personalità in più che avrebbe fatto del debutto dei Painthing un piccolo gioiello. I nostri hanno perfettamente riprodotto le atmosfere plumbee e le improvvise accelerazioni, il lavoro vocale del Grobelny sono buonissime sia con un cavernoso growl che con basse clean vocals, il lavoro delle asce è finemente cesellato ed i Rajkow-Krzywicki dimostrano anche nei Painthing quanto siano affiatati... eppure permane quella piccola sensazione di insoddisfazione alla fine dell'ascolto.

Un senso d'insoddisfazione dato dal fatto che i Painthing hanno tutte le carte in regola per farsi valere in questo particolare genere, ma solo lasciando le loro influenze come un'ombra sullo sfondo. "Where Are You Now...?" è decisamente un buon biglietto da visita e la cosa non stupisce, dati gli alti standard della Solitude Productions, ma sono straconvinto che questi ragazzi possono essere capaci di fare ancora meglio.

Author: Daniele Ogre
Doomed to Darkness

Painthing are a band from Poland that plays a very depressive, atmospheric and depressive form of doom/death metal and this is a review of their 2018 album "Where Are you Know..." which was released by Solitude Productions.

Clean playing starts off the album along with the solos and leads being done in a very melodic style while the slow and heavy riffs are very heavily rooted in doom metal as well the music also adding in a great amount of atmospheric sounding keyboards and the riffs also bring in a lot of melody.

Vocals are mostly death metal growls while the music also has a lot of 90's influences along with some spoken word parts also being used briefly as well as the faster sections of the songs also adding in a decent amount of blast beats and clean vocals are also utilized at times, most of the tracks are very long and epic in length and as the album progresses a brief use of acoustic guitars can also be heard and female vocals are added onto the closing track.

Painthing plays a style of doom/death metal that is very atmospheric, depressive and melodic sounding, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover darkness, death and depressive themes.

In my opinion Painthing are a very great sounding depressive, melodic and atmospheric doom/death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Widow" "Psychosis" and "To Live Is To Fight".

Author: OccultBlackMetal
Iye Zine

Nel tirare le somme di una scena importante come quella polacca non si può fare a meno di notare come non abbia tutto sommato prodotto band di grande spessore in ambito funeral death doom, a differenza di quanto accaduto in altri generi.

Forse non riusciranno a modificare questo stato di cose i Painthing, ma il loro esordio su lunga distanza Where Are You Now…? possiede senza dubbio tutti i crismi per essere ricordato con piacere dagli appassionati del genere.
La band di Varsavia infatti fa per gran parte del lavoro quello che alla fine ci si aspetta, ovvero l’offerta di sonorità malinconiche ma non tragiche, contraddistinte da un buon gusto melodico e suonate e prodotte in maniera lineare, il che non vuol dire che siano scolastiche o scontate bensì ben focalizzate sull’obbiettivo di trasmettere emozioni, che è poi il target vero del genere.
I Paithing prendono come possibile riferimento, tra i molti disponibili, i When Nothing Remains, una delle band che in questo decennio ha saputo coniugare al meglio in senso melodico le asprezze del death con il dolente sentire del doom, e da questa base, pescando ovviamente anche altrove, si muovono fin dall’opener Between facendo intendere che il loro obiettivo verrà perseguito senza percorrere improbabili strade alternative.
Certo, anche qui troviamo le spesso famigerate clean vocals (il cui utilizzo da parte di molte band sembra quasi sia una sorta di pegno da pagare non si sa bene a chi, con esiti per lo più scoraggianti), ma per fortuna tutto sommato accettabili nelle loro sfumature e non improbabili come quelle che affossarono l’esordio dei connazionali Oktor, dei quali ritroviamo qui i fratelli Rajkow-Krzywicki, alle prese con la sezione ritmica.
Detto ciò, il growl di Kuba Grobelny è di ottima fattura e buona intelligibilità, cosi come è valido il lavoro chitarristico dello stesso vocalist e di Michał Świdnicki, quanto misurato ed essenziale quello tastieristico di Darek Ojdana; ed è così che, senza reinventare la ruota, i Painthing esibiscono per circa un’ora la loro intrigante idea di melodic death doom, facendosi ascoltare con un certo agio dall’inizio alla fine, con menzione di merito per una traccia coinvolgente come The Shell I Live In.
Where Are You Now…? è un esordio ideale, che consente alla band polacca di piazzare una base già solida per un impianto compositivo che sembra avere i numeri necessari per crescere ulteriormente di livello in futuro.

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