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Womb - Deception Through Your Lies (CD)

doom death, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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The debut album by the Spanish band Womb which finally found its physical embodiment in the form of a CD. In «Deception Through Your Lies» musicians move towards enrichment of atmospheric doom death metal by different techniques and methods, making the composition diverse and rich. Heavy but melancholic music filled with endless melody will appeal to anyone who appreciates not only the outer side of doom death metal consisting of catchy riffs and dense guitar sound, but also its sensual side awakening thoughts and feelings.

1 Echoes Of Our Scars 7:59
2 Ends 6:07
3 March 6:12
4 Equisdistant 7:09
5 Forgotten By Her Bliss 6:48

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Deception Through Your Lies
doom death
CD Album
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Solitude Productions
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SP. 112-15
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USA & Europe
Funeral Wedding

Womb lançou seu primeiro álbum intitulado “Deception Through Your Lies” de forma independente em Maio de 2015, logo a Hypnotic Dirge Records e a Solitude Productions decidiram lançar o título em conjunto.
A banda traz no lançamento as principais características admiradas pelos fãs de funeral doom, riffs pesados e arrastados, vocais guturais profundos e uma atmosfera sombria densa.

A faixa “Echoes of Our Scars” inicia com sutis toques no piano longos, que vão dando espaço para uma execução bem arrastada dos riffs, acompanhado dos belos múrmuros entoados por Emilio.
As melodias são muito bem trabalhadas, percebi uma certa influência do Swallow the Sun e até mesmo My Dying Bride, os arranjos são elegantes em todo trabalho e se destaca especialmente em alguns solos como os da faixa “Ends” e principalmente da faixa “March”.

Numa linha mais pesadas da frieza crua do Funeral Doom, a faixa “Equidistant”, para mim, a que mais se destacou, é de uma harmonia amarga incrível.
O artefato encerra com “Forgotten by Her Bliss”, uma canção um pouco mais agressiva, sem perder a morbidez.
Womb está no caminho certo, eles são realmente bons, espero que nos próximos trabalhos sigam com essa originalidade e com todo capricho empregado nessa ótima produção.

Author: Vortane
Atmosfear #17

Испанцы издали этот свой дебютный альбом в мае этого года, а уже в ноябре он вышел на диске стараниями россиян из Solitude Productions. Как для своей первой работы музыканты исполняют не самую плохую модель death/doom metal’a, хотя и без особых изысков. На диске уместились пять длинных треков, которые лично мне пришлись по душе. Особенно хотелось бы отметить вокалиста, чувак гроулит как надо. Не знаю как вы, а лично я буду ждать нового альбома от этих таинственных испанцев.

Author: CS

Concerning myself generally these days, amongst the realms of Doom at any rate, with all things 'Post', 'Sludge' and 'Trad', it raises both an eyebrow and a smile when one hears the periodic murmurs that any one of these particular scenes are running out of ideas and begining to stagnate in a lethargic soup of yesterdays riffs. For me the world of Death/Doom (or any other genre you'd care to name come to think of it) can appear equally guilty of this at times. Spain's Womb are probably not going to change my mind any time soon in that regard, but at the same time I never tire of being reminded why I fell in love with the nascent scene back in the early nineties, and their debut full length, 'Deception Through Your Lies', has gone some way in doing just that. Perhaps, paradoxically, it also brings to mind some of the reasons I moved away from that particular scene and back to the more Traditional/Proto sounding stuff after the turn of the millennium, feeling that the whole thing was begining to lose its edge.

If it takes a little time to get going, it is worth persevering with. Opening track 'Echoes of our Scars' begins as a slow keyboard led, funereal paced dirge which eventually opens out into a mid-tempo, melodically infused dance, bringing to mind the trance-like sadness of Alcest, who I was reminded of more than once whilst listening to this. The only difference being the vocals, which are for the most part, a rich low end death growl. Third track 'March' really adds some colour to the procedings as it romps along, equally epic and energetic, and yet at the same time losing none of the mournful introspection that Womb appear to be rather good at, even if they are a little repetetive with it too.

Penultimate track 'Equidistant' and album closer 'Forgotten by Her Bliss' don't really add much to the proceedings but neither, it has to be said, do they completely disappoint. By now, Womb's stall has been well and truly set out, and it appears they offer no hidden extras or clever suprises to pepper their stoical, depressive, and at times pedestrian Death/Doom with. Resplendent too, on occasion, with touches of My Dying Bride's early sparseness, they court this similarity as both a blessing and a curse. When it's done well, it's brilliant; but at the same time it is still only mimickry.

The raw and somewhat meagre-sounding production ably compliments the pain and hurt presumably contained within the lyrics and the lead guitars punctuate the music with early Ahab-like atmospheres. One or two quieter breakdowns do add a certain dynamic to the album and there are rare moments of cathartic emotional uplift where the band really do hit the Death/Doom nail squarely on the head. They just don't stay there long enough for my money.

Albums such as this are tricky ones to score really. Most of us will have heard it all before, and yet that shouldn't be held against Womb purely for the sake of it. I'm all for bands playing it straight when it comes to their chosen genres, but I'm not entirely sure how to sum it all up either. So why not add a point to the mark below if you love genre-savvy Death/Doom and nothing else, and take one away if you're not easily impressed or feel that innovation is the only thing worth anything these days. Whatever the outcome, Womb do find themselves very much at home with Hypnotic Dirge and Solitude Productions doing their distribution. Labels whose earnest desire to keep certain fires burning, regardless of trends, is more than commendable.

Author: Matt Halsey
Teeth of the Divine

Spain is known for a lot of things; its history, its culture, its cuisine and even to some extent it has a respectable death and black metal scene. But I’m not sure sunny Spain is the country people thing of when it comes to despondent, depressive doom/death metal. Well, once again Canada’s Hypnotic Dirge (arguably the most aptly named label out there), is here to help, and has re released the 2015 digital debut from Seville’s Womb on CD.

Culling very heavily from the Scandinavian and British doom scene of yore, Womb has a distinctly Finnish sound; long songs with crunchy guitars, super deep growls and layers of rending melodies over patient, plodding riffs and a light gloss of pianos and cellos. It’s a perfect rendition of the style and one that I always enjoy, and I get a bit of a Pantheist vibe, but those that enjoyed last years My Dying Bride effort and Shape of Despair’s return, should definitely check this out.

Opener “Echoes of Our Scars” pretty well capture’s the band’s sullen mope perfectly with a delicate piano tinkle amid some lethargic crumbling and a little acoustic break and mood shift about 5 minutes in that’s very well done. “Ends” and closer “Forgotten By her Bliss” ( the band is dialed into the depressive theme as well as the sound as you can see from the song titles) all deliver some top notch, really despondent melodies that compete with anything from their peers as far as getting you right in the feels. But it’s not a complete drone fest as third track, “March” even has a more uptempo, but still rending burst and “Equisdistant” adds a bit of a mid paced chug towards it climax.

I’m not sure if Deception Through Your Lies is an EP or a short (for a doom album) album, but with 5 songs and on 35 minutes it goes by fast for a doom record with no super long songs, wasted moments or drawn out atmospherics, instead choosing wisely to go straight for the wilting riffs. The atmospheric moments are short and sweet by way of either a piano, under started clean female vocals (“March”) or short acoustic bridge. So in all an pretty damn solid example for the genre, and one I look forward to hearing more off.

Author: E. Thomas
Pavillon 666

Retour sur le Doom. Depuis ma dernière chronique de VERDUN, je me focalise de plus en plus sur ce style qui me rebutait il y a quelque temps mais qui paradoxalement me donnait aussi l'envie d'en découvrir plus. J'ai choisi aujourd'hui de m'attarder sur WOMB et son Doom Atmosphérique que je découvrirai au travers de leur premier album sorti l'année dernière chez Solitude Productions. Ouvrons le champagne ! Cette chronique sera ma première traitant d'un opus d'une formation espagnole ! Je ne tiens plus, allons découvrir WOMB et son « Deception Through Your Lies ».
On débute avec « Echoes Of Our Scars » et dès le début et cette introduction au piano, la musique me pénètre totalement. Je me laisse transporter par ces rythmes lents qui, à chaque coup porté sur une des peaux de la batterie, me transcende et m'enfonce encore un peu plus dans une noirceur presque dépressive. L'impact de cette musique qui auparavant me rendait perplexe et qui aujourd'hui me donne ces sensations si intenses me laisse sans voix. Comment est-ce possible qu'après seulement cinq minutes d'écoute je parvienne à ce stade ? A vrai dire, je n'en sais rien. Et sur le coup, je ne cherche pas à comprendre, je laisse simplement les notes se succéder petit à petit. Le tempo augmente sur la fin et le groupe se donne même la permission de lancer un solo au tremolo picking collant extrêmement bien à l'ambiance générale pour enfin finir par ramener le piano qui nous a accueilli un peu plus tôt.
Si « Echoes Of Our Scars » paraissait sombre mais mélodique, « Ends » est elle encore plus noire. C'est d'ailleurs sur cette musique que je prends conscience de la place importante qu'occupe le chant. Ces râles nous disant d' « abandonner tout espoir » sont remplis d'une peine certaine que l'on comprend grâce à la légère réverbération, ainsi que grâce à sa si basse hauteur ; un growl gras et profond en somme.
« March » nous fait repartir dans la mélodie avec ses arpèges introductifs. La voix saturée n’apparaît pas de suite et c'est un parlé tout aussi désespéré qui s'adresse à nous, très vite rejoint par un chœur appuyant encore plus sur les plaies béantes recouvrant la surface de notre âme en peine. La saturation vocale se laisse entendre vers la fin et est accompagnée par un rythme mid-tempo. Tout ceci s'étouffe ensuite dans un decrescendo général et nous retrouvons pour conclure le titre le même pattern que celui des premières minutes du titre.
Nous voilà arrivés à « Equidistant », composition parlant du suicide. Ce que le groupe met en parole, le groupe le met aussi en musique. Pas d'allers-retours à la guitare, juste des allers qui forgent une ambiance lourde, très lourde, presque intenable. WOMB essaye de nous faire voir ce qu'est la vie d'un homme qui se condamne à mourir à la suite de souffrances insupportables. C'est donc une longue course vers la mort que le quatuor nous donne avec une légère hausse de tempo à la toute fin, peut-être le signe de l'arrêt de l'existence de l'homme dont on nous conte la vie ?
« Forgotten By Her Bliss » clôture l'album. C'est ici que se trouvent les riffs les plus lents. C'est aussi ici qu'un solo retenti. Un solo mélancolique, trois notes suffisant amplement pour faire ressentir la peine d'amour dont il est question ici. On retrouve aussi la même réverbération ayant servi pour la voix qui est maintenant sur la guitare. C'est d'ailleurs avec cette réverb' que le tremolo picking fera sa réapparition en nous proposant des mélodies tout droit sorties du Post Rock, du DSBM ou autres genres aux connotations mélodiques dépressives ou du moins émotionnelles.
Après cette écoute qui m'a retourné, je suis resté coincé pendant dix bonnes minutes sur la pochette. C'est pour cela que j'aime la musique. Elle peut à tout moment changer notre façon de penser, d'aimer, d'écouter. C'est ainsi que VERDUN, puis maintenant WOMB ont réussi à me faire changer totalement d'avis sur le Doom. Pour moi, cet album est une réussite sur tous les points, mis à part peut-être la tracklist nous faisant faire un ascenseur émotionnel un peu trop intense. Vu que c'est l'album qui m'a réellement fait aimer le Doom, il se peut que les inconditionnels du style ne soient pas de mon point de vue... Filez écouter !

Author: NegativeHate

Atmosphärischer Doom Metal aus dem sonnigen Spanien? Kommt nicht allzu häufig vor. Dass die Herren aus dem Land der Tapas und der Siesta jedoch wissen, was melancholische Schwere ist und vor allem, wie sie vertont wird, belegen WOMB mit ihrem Debüt "Deception Through Your Lies". Sanfte Pianomelodien in Kombination mit abgrundtiefen Growls und stets nachvollziehbaren Songstrukturen in Slow-Motion erinnern massiv an die Dänen von SATURNUS. Keine schlechte Sache also, allerdings gerät der Sound von WOMB an einigen Stellen leider etwas zu dünn. Trotz so manch umschmeichelnder Melodie hätten die Gitarren ruhig drückender sein dürfen. Mit drei bockstarken Stücken zu Beginn und zwei eher weniger spektakulären Songs im Anschluss zeigt sich zudem ein klares Gefälle im Qualitätsniveau von "Deception Through Your Lies". Grundsätzlich aber eine ansprechende Angelegenheit mit der Hoffnung auf Steigerung beim zweiten Wurf!

Author: Jonas Kemme

Spanish death-doom band Womb (not to be confused with the US stoners of the same name) have gritted their teeth and given birth to an album of emotional intensity and interweaving melody.

Part of a triumphant new partnership between doom labels Hypnotic Dirge (Canada) and Solitude Productions (Russia), the debut album from this Seville-based outfit is a mixed bag of complex, sour doom metal. It is sometimes vast and spectacular, other times tangled and uncertain.

The media promo info promises “catchy riffs, dense guitars and a sensual side” – and at least two of these are questionable. Generally, the slowly twisting riffs are about as catchy as a mountain (although the epic standout track ‘March’ does have a certain memorable quality).

The guitar tones are frequently airy and crisp rather than suffocatingly dense or heavy. In fact, the album might be even more forceful and effective if some fuzz and/or low-end was added to the mix.

There is, however, a concerted effort to explore a wide range of emotions, which results in an album of scope, texture and imagination.

There are moments of sheer, ululating brilliance, such as halfway through ‘Equidistant’ where the gates of Hell open up and eternal woe is unleashed upon your ear holes. But there are also periods of drifting banality, such as the shapeless ‘Forgotten By Her Bliss’.

Getting this album released in physical format has taken an impressive global effort, and the world should be thankful to all those concerned. Not least of all the gifted group of misery-mongers who have given life to this finely-crafted and tasteful slab of Spanish sorrow.

Author: DoomMetalHeaven
Dead Rhetoric

Funeral doom is a genre that many avoid like the plague. Admittedly, it does take a certain mindset to look past the plodding pace and sometimes excruciating lengths that these bands utilize for each song. New Spanish doomsters Womb aren’t exactly your typical funeral doom marchers, which is probably why Hypnotic Dirge and Solitude Productions have teamed up to offer a physical release to the band’s debut, Deception Through Your Lies.

It must be noted that Womb’s brand of funeral doom is a bit easier to digest than some of the of the more prolific of the style. Rather than going for 10-15 minute tracks, the five songs on Deception Through Your Lies are much easier to focus on with 6-7 minute runtimes. It may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a significant impact (it really ‘cuts the fat’ so to speak). And while Womb does go by the ‘slow as a snail’ funeral doom mentality, there’s a bit more depth to it than just crawling riffs and super-low growls. For one thing, there’s a number of catchy little melodies that pop up in each track, keeping the music from tedium. The subtle keyboards in the background also add a little pizzazz, and when you take the melodies as they come (which is quite frequently) there is a pretty strong emotive impact that the songs generate. Even after the album stops playing.

Deception Through Your Lies takes the hallmarks of the funeral doom genre and spices them up a bit. If you enjoy the more atmospheric textures that the genre can provide, but need something more than the bare-bones structure, Womb should be on your short list of bands to get acquainted with.

Author: Kyle McGinn
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