Gods Tower - Raven Tales (8x12'' LP) Box Set

pagan metal, Possession Productions, Possession Productions
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PS 86 Vinyl
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4xDLP boxed set including all Gods Tower full-length albums and demos. Regular version including 32-page biography\photo booklet and A2 poster. "Steel Says Last" DLP includes original album and "Ludzi na balocie" bonus track (Belarusian version of "People in the Swamp" song) "The Turns" DLP includes original album and 1992 "Demolition Tape" demo of Chemical Warfare band (pre-Gods Tower) "The Eerie" DLP includes original album with "Beyond Praying" bonus track and 1994 "Canticles" demo "Old Towers" DLP includes 1993 "The Eerie" and 1995 "The Turns" demos

Steel Says Last (PS 86-1)
A1. Intro / Steel Says Last 01:32
A2. Earth, Wind, Fire & Blood 03:49
A3. Rarog 07:19
A4. Heroes Die Young 05:19
B1. Evil 07:06
B2. Civilization 04:55
B3. Living Mirror 04:34
C1. Abandon All Hope 06:44
C2. Yesterday's Rivers 04:05
C3. Poisonodog 04:46
D1. People In The Swamp 07:15
D2. Liudzi Na Balocie 07:15
The Turns (PS 86-2)
E1. Intro / The Turns 01:57
E2. I Am The Raven 10:30
E3. Seven Rains Of Fire 05:11
F1. Twilight Sun 10:13
F2. An Eye For An Eye 08:57
G1. Rising Arrows 06:39
G2. Blood 05:38
G3. Mysterious 04:56
H1. Iprit 04:17
H2. Eversleepside 07:08
H3. Inis Afalon 05:30
The Eerie (PS 86-3)
I1. Reign Of Silence 12:03
I2. When Life Ends 09:33
J1. Inis Afalon 06:03
J2. Till Death Do Us Part 11:01
J3. The Eerie 04:27
K1. Beyond Praying 07:19
K2. Canticles 08:43
L1. Beyond Praying 07:48
L2. Seven Rains Of Fire 05:55
L3. Praise Of Sun 05:33
L4. Mysterious 03:54
Old Towers (PS 86-4)
M1. Reign Of Silence 12:37
M2. When Life Ends 09:45
N1. Inis Afalon 05:59
N2. Till Death Do Us Part 11:06
N3. The Eerie 04:34
O1. Intro / The Turns 01:17
O2. I Am The Raven 10:08
O3. Seven Rains Of Fire 05:32
P1. Twilight Sun 10:10
P2. Rising Arrows 06:39
P3. Mysterious 04:22

Gods Tower
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Raven Tales
pagan metal
8x12'' LP
Box Set
Possession Productions
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PS 86
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