Nordlumo - Embraced By Eternal Night (CD)

funeral doom metal, Endless Winter, Endless Winter
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The album “Embraced By Eternal Night” was published online and has been considerably transformed for the release. It has been practically re-recorded with participation of Catatonic Studio. Mastering and mixing of the album was made by Denis Ignatkin, design - by Roman 'Corvinus' Kamin. The core of the album is formed by cold laid-back melodies with minimum voice parts, long guitar passages and atmospheric keyboard parties. Light ambient inserts adorn traditionally gravestone-heavy funeral doom, which makes the music more varied and allows the listener to enjoy deep feelings and emotions. Even though the album is quite long, it is rich in original melodies that will keep you fascinated. At the end of the album you will find a cover version of the famous song 'Weathered' by Colosseum, included as a tribute to the great band.

1 The Autumn Fall 08:15
2 Devotion 23:40
3 Scripts 13:03
4 Dreamwalker 14:14
5 Millenium Snowfall 04:17
6 Weathered 13:29

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Embraced By Eternal Night
funeral doom metal
CD Album
Jewel Case
Endless Winter
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