VintergatA - Смородина (Smorodina) (CD)

symphonic black metal, Sound Age Productions, Sound Age Productions
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The second album of VintergatA opens the gates to the wonderful kingdom of the Russian folklore. Nine songs are the essence of nine epic tales, re-created in the blizzards of the sympho-black metal, extracted by the roar of Alexander and the sweet female voices. For 49 minutes before the inner gaze a ring of images circled in khorovod, familiar in ancient traditions: Sadko, tearing strings of psaltery, knights in bloody chainmails, enchantresses yearning for in dark chambers - they rise, covered with an ice run of keyboards. The mad slaughter now and then is replaced by slow fascinating insets, and then again takes away all on the black wings - away, beyond the woods where the predatory wolves are roaming. It should be noted the archaic language of verses, without which the immersion in this cradle of centuries would, of course, be incomplete. The central theme of the album is the legend about the Kalinov Bridge across the fiery river Smorodina, which symbolizes the transition between the world of the living and the world of the dead. And the album "Smorodina" itself - like a bridge, thrown from reality into otherness. Awesome work, drawing to our origins.

1 Правый бой
2 Малахит
3 Смородина
4 Девана
5 Садко
6 Арысь-поле
7 В изумрудном струге
8 Хранители ветра
9 Песнь финиста

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Смородина (Smorodina)
symphonic black metal
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Sound Age Productions
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