(EchO) - Devoid Of Illusions (CD)

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Bad Mood Man Music / Solitude Productions presents the debut album by an Italian band (EchO)! Outstanding music which cannot be limited by the frames of a certain style combines heavy guitars with atmospheric keyboards, deep growling and clean male vocals while the music varies from extreme death doom metal to aerial post rock. «Devoid Of Illusions» is based on perfect performance and intent attention to details such as arrangement or CD artwork. The album was recorded in UK at Priory Recording Studios (Sutton Coldfield) and CMAT Studios (Birmingham) and produced by Greg Chandler (vocals and guitars in Esoteric) who also appeared as vocalist at the final track!

1 Intro 0:45
2 Summoning The Crimson Soul 7:29
3 Unforgiven March 9:23
4 The Coldest Land 9:08
5 Internal Morphosis 9:17
6 Omnivoid 8:23
7 Disclaiming My Faullts 7:22
8 Once Was A Man 6:44
9 Sounds From Out Of Space 7:26

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Devoid Of Illusions
dark metal / doom death
CD Album
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debut album
BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 047-11
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Rock Overdose

Οι EchO σχηματίστηκαν τον Οκτώβριο του 2007 στην Μπρέσια της Ιταλίας και το "Devoid of Illusions" είναι η πρώτη τους δισκογραφική δουλειά.
Μέσα από τις συνθέσεις του δίσκου οι Ιταλοί ξεδιπλώνουν το ταλέντο τους.Ειδικά αν αναλογιστούμε ότι αποτελεί ντεμπούτο δίσκο,πρέπει να έχουμε σίγουρα το νού μας σε αυτούς.
Μουσικά κινούνται κυρίως στο χώρο του doom αλλά δεν περιορίζονται μόνο σε αυτό.Διακρίνονται από τις πολύ ψαγμένες και ώριμες συνθέσεις,από την ευχέρεια να εισχωρούν και σε άλλα είδη και να χαρίζουν στα τραγούδια μια ποικιλομορφία που σε αιχμαλωτίζει.

Ο δίσκος ξεκινά επιθετικά με doom death διαθέσεις,αγριεμένα και δυναμικά,με ένα mid tempo ρυθμό και αρκετό κοπανημα.Χαρακτηριστικό του ήχου τους αποτελεί η σχεδόν συνεχής χρήση πιάνου που εναρμονίζεται απόλυτα με την εκάστοτε διάθεση και ταχύτητα.
Στην συνέχεια τα πράγματα έρχονται να διαφοροποιηθούν και το συγκρότημα επιλέγει να ρίξει ταχύτητες και να προσθέσει πολύ μελωδία και συναίσθημα στα τραγούδια.Δε μιλάμε για κάτι γλυκανάλατο,απλά έρχονται να ακουμπήσουν πρώιμες ημέρες των ANATHEMA και με καθαρά λυρικά φωνητικά να εκφραστούν μέσα από άλλους δρόμους.Διατηρούν παντού όμως την heavy διάθεση,με τις κιθάρες να εισβάλουν μέσα στα κομμάτια με όμορφα riffs.
Καταφέρνουν να δημιουργήσουν την ατμόσφαιρα που πολλές φορές έχουμε νιώσει ακούγοντας όπως είπα ANATHEMA αλλά και OPETH.Έτσι το μεσαίο μέρος του δίσκου κυλά κάπως πιο χαλαρά και απαλά.
Η συνέχεια όμως είναι αρκετά διαφορετική πάλι.Πλησιάζοντας προς το τέλος βγάζουν όλη την οργή τους γκαζώνοντας,με τις κιθάρες πια να έχουν ανεβάσει ταχύτητες,το rhythm section να αποκτά πιο πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο προσθέτοντας πολύ όγκο στις συνθέσεις και τα φωνητικά να γίνονται brutal και σε κάποια σημεία να ακούγονται τόσο απελπισμένα σαν να προσπαθούν απεγνωσμένα να βρούν το δρόμο προς την σωτηρία.

Το "Devoid of Illusions" είναι ένα άλμπουμ με πολύ όμορφες διακυμάνσεις,με πληθώρα ευφάνταστων και εμπνευσμένων συνθέσεων και αποτελεί ένα πάρα πολύ ελπιδοφόρο ξεκίνημα για το συγκρότημα.Όσοι αρέσκεστε σε ακούσματα όπως οι DRACONIAN,OPETH,ANATHEMA,καλό θα ήταν να το τσεκάρετε.Πιθανότατα θα ανακαλύψετε μια μπάντα που αν συνεχίσει έτσι,θα μας απασχολήσει πολύ στο μέλλον.

Author: Πάνος Warlord Μπούγαλης
Metal Wave

Un buon debutto per una band è di solito un lavoro non maturissimo, ma in grado di stupire con idee o con una tecnica fuori dal comune, e di far sperare bene per il futuro del gruppo. In questo senso Devoid of Illusions, dei bresciani (Echo), è un debutto eccezionale, un disco che sembra appartenere già a un gruppo esperto, impeccabile nel suo svolgersi, che inanella un pezzo dopo l’altro con una completezza e una sicurezza di se disarmanti. La band prende le mosse da un death-doom melodico (per esempio Katatonia, Anathema e Swallow the Sun), arricchito da molte delle idee migliori che la scena americana ha partorito negli ultimi anni, soprattutto un drumming avvolgente mutuato dallo sludge e atmosfere diafane dal marcato sapore post, e per ultimo ma non meno importante (anzi) da un eccezionale l’uso del pianoforte, che dona una ricchezza molto personale al sound, e da vita ad alcuni dei pezzi più belli del lotto, su tutti la solenne Unforgiven March e Disclaiming my faults.
Il sound degli (Echo) può essere accusato di essere un po’ derivativo, oltre che di una certa canonicità in cui i pezzi delle canzoni si incastrano tra loro (calma sognante con voci pulite e strumenti minimalisti, rabbia growl su tappeti di chitarre melodeath, tastiere effettate in sottofondo). Ma non mi sentirei di segnalare nessun altro difetto (a parte le due parentesi nel nome, che gli perdoniamo). La loro musica è epica, violentissima e al contempo di una delicatezza commovente, e ci porta per mano in odissee musicali da assaporare ad occhi chiusi, in cui rabbia e tenerezza, calma e tempesta si alternano e coesistono come due entità inseparabili e dipendenti.
Da avere per chiunque ami i suoni e le band citate in precedenza, e per chiunque voglia inorgoglirsi di uno dei migliori debut italiani di quest’anno.

Author: Zoro

For a longstanding fan of a specific genre, it must always be one of the greatest experiences to see that there are still new talents who come up with a fresh take on the style and give some new impulses. The Italian band (Echo) is such a case, presenting us with their own idea of Melodic Death Doom on their debut album Devoid of Illusions. Their beautiful, eclectic compositions are loaded with atmosphere and flavoured with Psychedelic Rock influences while maintaining a close bond to the essentials of Doom Metal all the time.

There are many calm, fragile passages with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and great melodies, much in the vein of Opeth, especially when psychedelic lead guitars are present. A clear difference to said band, however, is the central role the piano plays in most of these passages. The Italians show their talent for minimalist, but effective arrangements in the excellent Post-Rock piece “Once Was a Man” in particular, which remains calm almost in its entirety. But on the other hand, they do not shy away from ultra-heavy Death Doom riffing and faster, aggressive passages from time to time. Many of the songs are characterised by such contrasts but integrate the different elements in a very organic way, avoiding sharp collisions most of the time. The arrangements are so refined that listeners can dive into the emotions of the music and give in to its flow from beginning to end.

The instrumental work on this album is excellent throughout – very precise and purposeful and free from any misplaced or unnecessary notes. The same is true for the vocals which switch effectively between growling and clean singing, always considerate of the specific needs of the song. The singing may be too soft and “un-Metal” for some purists, but it fits the calmer moments perfectly in its fragility, adding a lot of emotional depth to the overall picture. In fact, a singing style like this is very rare in Doom Metal and thus a welcome addition here. It is tempting to think of Opeth once again, but also the more recent Katatonia releases come to mind. The only downside to the vocals is the heavy accent, but many bands have gotten away with that because of the sheer quality of their music, and there is no reason to deny (Echo) this privilege.

Greg Chandler (Esoteric) has once again done a great job with recording and production duties at his Priory Recording Studios, giving the album a crystal clear and powerful production to fully exhaust its potential. He also contributes some guest vocals on the closing track “Sounds from out of Space” which are intense as always and add another dimension to the album. A highly interesting and original cover artwork tops things off.

Devoid of Illusions is a beautiful album from a very promising band which deserves your attention.

Author: Dominik Sonders
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