Format: CD
Release Date: 22.05.2017
Country: Sweden
Genre: Atmospheric Doom Death

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The second album by Soijl, a project founded by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Matthias Svensson (Saturnus, Istapp, Vanmakt, Nidrike). Continuing the development of figurative ideas and the musical component of the debut work, “As The Sun Sets On Life”, at the same time, is a new stage for the band. Gloomy, atmospheric doom death metal compositions with a dense sound and excellent performance are what Soijl is loved for, and this is exactly what the musicians offer in their new work, in a more spectacular form this time. The famous designer and photographer Roman Kamin (Wine From Tears, Mare Infinitum, Aut Mori) have been again responsible for the visual part of the album crafting a magnificent 12-page booklet.

1. Death Do Us Part
2. Weapon Of Primordial Chaos
3. Salvation, Deception
4. Spiritual Asphyxiation
5. On Antediluvian Shores
6. Alive In A Sea Of Dying Flowers
7. The Abyss, My Tomb


Format: Gatefold 12” LP
Release Date: 30.04.2017
Country: Russia
Genre: Funeral Death Doom

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Who Dies in Siberian Slush, the outstanding representatives of funeral death doom in Russia, have completely re-recorded their cult album “Bitterness of the Years That Are Lost”, previously issued in 2010. Preparation of this release began back in the fall of 2016. The recording process involved a unique arsenal of musical instruments, including a flute and a trombone! Mixing and mastering were perfectly performed by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Priory Recording Studios, Birmingham, UK).
In this vinyl edition WDISS demonstrate a high level of performing skills and a passion of the band members for heavy slow and dark music.
The LP is available in a collector’s edition on 180 grams vinyl with excellent artwork.
Co-release with Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light.

The edition is limited to 300 hand numbered copies.

Side I
A1 Leave Me
A2 The Woman We Are Looking For…
A3 Mobius Ring
Side II
B1 Through The Snow (Instrumental) 3:58
B2 Вitterness Of The Years That Are Lost
B3 The Testament Of Gumilev

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Format: CD
Release Date: 24.04.2017
Country: Russia
Genre: Psychedelic Doom Metal

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The new full-length album by Evoke Thy Lords, the key representatives of the Siberian doom scene. Each work of Siberians differs in one way or another from the previous one preserving, however, well-recognized features of the band: a powerful, tightening groove and the sounds of flute amplifying the hypnotic effect. The “Lifestories” evolves into psychedelic doom metal from adjacent styles demonstrating original interpretation of life stories and a unique view of the musical genre.

1. Regressed
2. Still Old
3. Life Is A Trick
4. Heavy Weather
5. Stuff It


Format: CD
Release Date: 27.03.2017
Country: Germany
Genre: Doom Death Metal

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The German band Calliophis presents the second album, which comes after a long break. Between the debut album “Doomsday” released in 2008, that received well-deserved positive response, and the new release many concerts in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Austria were played, the band took part in the legendary Doom Shall Rise Festival, and appeared in a number of thematic compilations. And now, after returning to studio activity, the band brings down to the listener its second album, “Cor Serpentis”, proving high skills and creativity of the musicians who not only managed to consolidate their style found at the debut album, but also to master it in the studio, achieving a dense sound and musical perfection of all compositions. Powerful guitars, deep growl, and a combination of atmosphere and stiffness is what should all fans of high-quality doom death metal expect from this release.

1. The Cleansing
2. Yuki Onna
3. Edge Of Existence
4. Munk (Heart Of Stone)
5. Seven Suns
6. Isolation


Format: CD
Release Date: 20.02.2017
Country: Belgium
Genre: Electic Doom Death / Black Metal

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“Into the Arms of Darkness”, Marche Funebre’s third album, is a stepping stone in the band’s discography. It combines a massive production with matured song writing, polished through the years while preserving the same passion and energy as ever. Compared to band’s previous work, the new material also incorporates additional Black and Post-Black Metal influences. Co-release with Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light. Limited to 500 copies.

1. Deprived (Into Darkness)
2. Capital of Rain
3. Uneven
4. Lullaby of Insanity
5. The Garden of All Things Wild