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”12″ years is almost an anniversary, this is serious.

For 12 years Solitude Productions has been pleasing the fans of the dark scene with various releases, and now keep tracking for modern bands all over the world. We just do what people who really love their work and doom should do.

To celebrate this birthday, we decided to make something special and we present first Doom:VS album “Aeternum Vale” on Vinyl!
Also we re-released some gems from early days Tears Of Mankind – To Solitude (with bonus tracks) and Comatose Vigil – Narcosis EP in digipak format

Looking back, we see how many excellent releases have been issued. However, we, as well, always look and forward, into the future.
Stay with us! Join now!


Format: Gatefold 2×12” LP (45 RPM)
Release Date: 16.07.2017
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Doom Death

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The first vinyl edition of the cult album “Aeternum Vale” by Doom: VS. Debut work of the project by Johan Ericson, the guitarist of the Swedish band Draconian, after becoming an authoritative example of the genre and a real rarity, finally embodied in the form of a double 180 gram black vinyl (45 rpm) packed in a folding envelope reproducing the original CD design from 2006. The limited edition of 300 copies is issued to commemorate the twelve years since establishing the top Russian doom metal label Solitude Productions and is timed to the eleventh anniversary of the album’s release. The vinyl re-issue of “Aeternum Vale” will allow all fans of doom death metal to experience again the indescribable feelings when listening to the legendary record and touch the part of the musician’s soul embodied in the harsh, but at the same time atmospheric and melodic music.

1. The Light That Would Fade
2. Empire of the Fallen
3. The Faded Earth
4. Oblivion upon Us
5. The Crawling Insects
6. Aeternus


Tears Of Mankind - To Solitude...

Format: Digipak CD
Release Date: 16.07.2017
Country: Russia
Genre: Pagan Metal / Doom

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Reissue of the first official full-length album by the project Tears Of Mankind that has become a cult album. Released in 2006 as a limited edition of 100 copies on CD-R discs packed in a DVD box, the album was quickly sold out, receiving high scores from fans of the dark scene and in the music press.
“To Solitude…” became the first album in the history of the band, which used exclusively Russian lyrics: “For those who appreciate only the appearance in music, the album will seem a questionable purchase, while those who try to find something special behind the sounds and words are very welcome at the world of Tears Of Mankind. Here you will find an almost perfect harmony between music and poetry, and it’s worth a lot. “(Darkside.ru)
Stylistically, “To Solitude…” belongs to pagan metal with doom metal influences in the vein of Katatonia and emotional rock recalling the middle period of Anathema: “Genre … Let’s call it conditionally ethereal pagan doom, a term definitively reflecting the mood of the album.” (metallibrary.ru)
The re-release of 2017 also comes as a limited edition, at this time, as a normal CD packed in a six-panel digipack reproducing the original design, including for the first time all lyrics, supplemented by two exclusive bonus tracks. The first bonus track “In the Fog of Midnight” is a part of the never-before-released demo album “Dark Times” (2005), at which the mastermind of the project Tears Of Mankind, Philip Skobelin, began collaborating with the Moscow poet Sergei Terentyev. The second bonus track is an absolutely new composition “In Your Eyes” (2017) based on a poem for the “To Solitude…” album.

1. Intro
2. A Leaf Fall
3. Nothing
4. Sleeping
5. Under The Rain
6. To Not Return
7. Autumn Leaf
8. To Solitude
9. In the Fog of Midnight (bonus track)
10. In Your Eyes (bonus track)


Format: Digital
Release Date: 07.07.2017
Country: Germany
Genre: Epic Doom Metal

Yes, we know exactly what you think. “Fuck, yet another Doom Metal band”. You are right. So what? FVNERAL FVKK bring the depravity back to a genre which is currently starving. Corrupting members of the german cult acts FÄULNIS and OPHIS as well as the aspiring newcomers CRIMSON SWAN, this new, rotten entity emerged from the pits of sodomy in Hamburg/Germany. Formed in early 2015, its sole purpose is to bring sacral, angelic atmosphere back to Epic Doom Metal… and then rape it all over.
FVNERAL FVKK combine the pastoral beauty and solemnity of a cathedral (musically) with the infidelity and vileness of a cemetary prostitute (semantically), with lyrics that deal exclusively with the debauchery of the clergy and / or necrophilia in the name of god. His Holiness is a foul pervert, and this band serves as vessel of His demented will!
So, join the Church of the Holy Fvkk and enjoy the transgressions of this first EP!

1. Erection In The House Of God
2. Underneath The Phelonion
3. Fvkking At Fvnerals


Format: CD, DigiCD
Release Date: 26.06.2017
Country: Spain
Genre: Atmospheric Doom Death

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The third album by the leaders of the Spanish doom death metal scene Evadne. After the strong success of the previous album “The Shortest Way” (2012) supported by the mini-album “Dethroned Of Light” (2014), the musicians are back with their new full-length work. The impeccable accuracy of the compositions together with the musicians skill give rise to an attractive melodic, atmospheric, soul-touching material. Heavy guitars, keyboards, and growl performance in combination with parties of pure vocals, make the music of Evadne diverse, emotional and fascinating. Listening to “A Mother Named Death” forces you to uncover your feelings every time.
Limited edition of the album comes as a beautifully designed six-panel digipack with a booklet; the gold-coated disc is decorated by partial lacquer.

1. Abode Of Distress
2. Scars That Bleed Again
3. Morningstar Song
4. Heirs Of Sorrow
5. Colossal
6. 88.6
7. Black Womb Of Light
8. The Mourn Of The Oceans