New Arrivals - 21.04.2019

by Solitude Productions


With their fifth album, the Moscow-based band EndName continues the instrumental journey, further and further venturing into open space. The EVA album is saturated with atmospheric electronic arrangements designed to enrich and complement the guitar sound. Paying tribute to the past and looking into the future, a sound explorer is invited to sink into the EVA album, to be here and now, in the middle of colossal cosmos, to surrender to the powerful stream of sound, space and time.

1 Sputnik-1
2 Nostromo
3 Pegas
4 Tahmasib
5 Vimana

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New Arrivals

Ajattara - Tyhjyys (CD) (2004)
Фоно, dark metal
Arcane Voidsplitter - Voice Of The Stars (CD) Digipak (2019)
Aesthetic Death Records, cosmic funeral drone ambient
Artillery - The Face Of Fear (CD) Digipak (2018)
Фоно, thrash metal
BillyBio - Feed The Fire (CD) (2018)
Фоно, hardcore
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Before The Bleeding Sun (CD) (2006)
Фоно, melodic death metal
Forgotten Horror - Aeon Of The Shadow Goddess (CD) (2015)
Фоно, black death metal
Hail Of Bullets - ...Of Frost And War (CD) (2008)
Фоно, old school death metal
Hail Of Bullets - III: The Rommel Chronicles (CD) (2013)
Фоно, old school death metal
Hallatar - No Stars Upon The Bridge (CD) (2017)
Фоно, atmospheric doom / death metal
Human Fortress - Thieves Of The Night (CD) (2016)
Фоно, power metal
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings (CD) (1995)
Фоно, thrash heavy metal
Immortal - Battles In The North (CD) (1995)
Фоно, black metal
Immortal - Damned In Black (CD) (2018)
Фоно, black metal
Immortal - Pure Holocaust (CD) (1993)
Фоно, black metal
My Ruin - The Horror Of Beauty (CD) (2003)
Фоно, alternative metal
Of Spire And Throne - Penance (CD) Digipak (2018)
Aesthetic Death Records, doom sludge metal
Temnojar - Nordscapes (CD) (2009)
Valgriind, dark ambient
Zatemno (Затемно) - В Петле (V Petle) (CD) Digipak (2019)
Aesthetic Death Records, avantgarde black metal

New & upcoming releases:

ornamentos-del-miedo-este-no-es-tu-hogar kashchey-intacta endname-eva
doom-vs-earthless doom-vs-earthless ypres-genus-vitiosum
urza-the-omnipresence-of-loss ars-onirica-i-cold helevorn-aamamata
mournful-congregation-the-book-of-kings tales-of-dark-fragile-monuments majestic-downfall-waters-of-fate


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