New Arrivals - 02.06.2019

by Solitude Productions

New Arrivals

Aabsynthum - Inanimus (CD) (2011)
Marche Funebre Productions, funeral doom metal
Abiotic - Symbiosis (CD) (2012)
Фоно, technical / progressive deathcore
Accept - Breaker (CD) (1981)
Фоно, heavy metal
Artillery - The Face Of Fear (CD) (2018)
Фоно, thrash metal
Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest (CD) (2018)
Metal Star / Фоно, black death metal
Bloodbound - Rise Of The Dragon Empire (CD) (2019)
Фоно, heavy / power metal
Comatose Vigil - Not A Gleam Of Hope (CD) (2005)
Marche Funebre Productions, funeral doom metal
Cosmic Despair - Celebration Of The Wake (CD) (2012)
Marche Funebre Productions, funeral doom metal
Crystal Ball - Liferider (CD) (2015)
Фоно, melodic power metal
Descend Into Despair - Synaptic Veil (CD) (2017)
Loud Rage Music, funeral doom metal
Di Mortales - Dead Pages (CD) (2015)
Endless Winter, doom death metal
Doomenicus - Sacred (CD) (2009)
self released, traditional doom
E - Kherubim (CD) (2011)
Antiq, death doom metal
Epitaphe - Demo MMXVII (CD) (2018)
Chaos Records, doom death metal
Funeral Tears - The Only Way Out (CD) Digipak (2018)
Ksenza Records, funeral doom metal
Gallileous - Voodoom Protonauts (CD) (2014)
Epidemie, stoner doom metal
Graven Dusk - Graven Dusk (CD) (2014)
Metallic Media / Black Plague, blackened funeral doom metal
Inner Missing - Defeat (CD) (2014)
Darknagar / Satanath / Niberu, death doom metal
Interior Wrath - Волчья Кровь Противостояния (Wolfblood of Resistance) (CD) (2010)
Volkh, pagan black metal
Keeper - MMXIV (CD) (2014)
Black Plague / Metallic Media, doom metal
Mekigah - Litost (CD) (2014)
Aesthetic Death, doom metal
Mysticum - Planet Satan (CD) (2014)
Metal Star / Фоно, industrial black metal
Onirophagus - Prehuman (CD) (2013)
Xtreem Music, doom / death metal
Shakra - Back On Track (CD) (2011)
Фоно, heavy metal / hard rock
Stahlmann - Kinder der Sehnsucht (CD) (2019)
Фоно, electro rock / indusctrial
Tectum - Path To Eternity (CD) (2013)
Endless Winter, doom metal
The Extinct Dreams - Fragmenty Vechnosti (CD) Digipak (2016)
Backfire, doom death metal
The Vein - Perdition's Cold Embrace (MCD) Digisleeve (2014)
Ancient Darkness, death doom metal
Total Death - Desolate Recollection (CD) (2007)
American Line Productions, black death metal
Total Death - Somatic (CD) (2010)
American Line Productions, melodic black death metal
Týr - Hel (CD) Digipak (2019)
Фоно, folk metal
U.D.O. - Man And Machine (CD) (2002)
Фоно, heavy metal
Vedan Kolod - U Krivoj Dorogi (CD) (2010)
Перекресток, pagan folk
Without Dreams - Rejected by Angel, Betrayed by Demon (CD) (2015)
Endless Winter, atmospheric black / funeral doom metal
Words Of Farewell - Immersion (CD) (2012)
Фоно, melodic death metal

New releases:

ornamentos-del-miedo-este-no-es-tu-hogar kashchey-intacta endname-eva
doom-vs-earthless doom-vs-earthless ypres-genus-vitiosum
urza-the-omnipresence-of-loss ars-onirica-i-cold helevorn-aamamata
mournful-congregation-the-book-of-kings tales-of-dark-fragile-monuments majestic-downfall-waters-of-fate


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