Bewailer - Where My Demise Dwells (CD)

death doom metal, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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Альбом 'Where My Demise Dwells' московских музыкантов Bewailer включает в себя семь произведений, посвящённых выживанию человеческой души в глубинах собственной тьмы.

Лейтмотивом треков выступает путь лирического героя от яростного неприятия безысходности собственной судьбы к холодному оцепенению, в котором не остаётся места ничему, кроме созерцания собственного увядания и безразличия вселенной. Тем не менее, в конце альбома появляется проблеск надежды - едва различимый свет, ведущий к перерождению (или к окончательной гибели).

С музыкальной точки зрения альбом сочетает традиционные для дум-дэта мелодии и вокальные приёмы с давящей атмосферой беспросветного мрака, более свойственной фьюнерал-думу. В аранжировке, помимо ритм-гитары, лид-гитары и баса, активно используются фортепианные партии, синтезаторные пэды и акустическая гитара. Вокальная часть представлена гроулом разных частот, декламациями (spoken words) и чистым женским голосом. На творчество Bewailer повлияла музыка таких групп как Saturnus, My Dying Bride, Mourning Beloveth, Evoken, Voidhaven и Dolorian.

1 Thorngates
2 Endless Fall
3 Moonspires
4 An Old Remembrance
5 Silent Passenger
6 Nocturnal Sacrifice
7 Silver Lining

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Where My Demise Dwells
death doom metal
Compact Disk
Jewel Case
Solitude Productions
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SP. 148-19
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Beginning with Thorngates, Bewailer reveal the darkness that lives in them with an eight-minute trawl for horror. One that is doom-fuelled but also has elements of death in it too. The maggots are feasting heartily on this festering corpse but it’s not all doom and gloom as Bewailer show off their extraneous talents that include a peppier rhythm.

Endless Falls really sees the band lean into the funeral doom, the horridly slow tempo almost dream like and the addition of female vocals adding gothic weight to the sound. The transcendence of it is met by Moonspires and its melodic grandness. The guitars are special in their own right but the spoken word segment near the end is pretty damn wonderful.

The swarm of files return for An Old Remembrance, the guttural metal side of the band delivering a more intense listen. Although it has to be mentioned that the folk-like twist makes this a track of two parts. Silent Passenger follows that with an unbelievably classy offering, the female vocals returning with a more impassioned performance. Especially as they fit so strongly on track that melds doom and lighter melodies together so well.

The penultimate track, Nocturnal Sacrifice is completely rooted in darkness. The horror of Bewailer’s hellish doom made bearable by piano, Be under no illusions though, this short segment is as dark and terrible as the metal.

Short and easily the most memorable piece of melody, Silver Lining closes out the album in impressive and depressing style. It’s emotionally wrangling yet pretty at the same time. An attractive closer to an album that certainly takes the listener on a myriad of highs and lows. Well, more lows then anything else but it just makes the moments when things are that bit more uplifting, all the better.

Auhtor: Carl 'The Disc' Fisher
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