Doomed - 6 Anti-Odes To Life (CD)

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The sixth album by the German band embodies all the best features of Doomed. Diminishing death metal and progressive elements and slowing down the music, the band crafted an epic work filled mostly with melancholy rather than with fury typical for Doomed. Monumental doom death metal at this album demonstrates new colors shining with dark light. The record features again the invited musicians who added uniqueness to the album sound.

1 The Doors
2 Aura
3 Touched
4 Our Gifts
5 Reason
6 Insignificant
7 Layers (Ode To Life)

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6 Anti-Odes To Life
death doom metal
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Solitude Productions
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Battle Helm

With a name like DOOMED you are not limited to only playing doom metal. It is also a very cool thrash metal band name. Or a death metal band name. Not that this German lot play anything but doom. This is death doom metal of the highest order. There is something about the Germans and their melancholia that I really like and wasn’t that aware of them having. But apparently, they are as miserable as us Swedes and the Brits. Which is totally fine with me as it produces albums like this. This is without a doubt my fave this week. And probably a great candidate for album of the year. That is how good I think this is.

Anders Ekdahl
Wonderbox Metal

Doomed is a one man death/doom metal band from Germany, and this is his sixth album.

I have to say I’m a huge fan of Doomed. Our Ruin Silhouettes, Wrath Monolith, and Anna are all stunning examples of how to write and play death/doom; in my experience it’s all too easy for death/doom bands to fall back on the staples of the style and take the easy route when it comes to their music. The artist behind Doomed, however, has a knack for producing music that takes all of the strengths of the style, while avoiding all of its lazy weaknesses, resulting in music that truly adds things that you just don’t really hear other bands do.

Of course, I’m not talking here about any wild innovations, (this is death/doom after all, a relatively stable genre), rather, it’s simply having the skill and talent to write atypical riffs, melodies, and structuring while still managing to adhere to the central rules of the genre, (lengthy, substantial, melodically-rich and deeply despondent songs that mix mountainous doom with deep growls and moments of deathly aggression).

On this latest album these songwriting talents are once again apparent, albeit channelled in slightly different ways to previously. The core of the Doomed sound is still intact, it’s just that on 6 Anti-Odes to Life the overall theme and feel of the album is slower, darker, and probably more nuanced than ever before.

These new songs contain a greater emphasis on light, dark, and the shading in between. This has always been part of Doomed, obviously, but the textured doom side of the equation is highlighted further on this release, as are the music’s progressive tendencies. These elements are also added to by several guests that appear on the album, both additional vocalists and musicians. Out of these the singer of Faal should be noted.

As well as containing Doomed’s most doom-ridden music to date, it’s also probably the most consistently diverse, with progressive and post-metal elements enhancing the core doom metal that lies at the heart of the music.

Vocally, deep deathgrowls are the main vocals used, of course, but slithering screams and, for the first time I believe, the artist’s own strong cleans also make appearances. It’s all rather wonderful.

Epic, monumental, full of dark melancholy, and rich with emotive content, 6 Anti-Odes to Life is a sterling piece of work.
Justin Hulford

Band name and album title immediately suggest a miserable affair is to follow. And it certainly starts off in that way with a dirge instrumental part that hangs around too long. Better that though than the very dull death growls that follow. The opener then moves to a cleaner vocal and that works well with the musical atmosphere. That’s just as well as the instrumental parts are just on “repeat”. It’s way too long, at almost nine minutes, with such little variation in the arrangement.

The next starts off all mellow but don’t be deceived as it soon moves into more doom repetition. Initially the fresher music is joined by the dull death growls but once that vocal goes the music just slides back to more dull doom. But the track is over ten minutes so there is also a chance to return to the opening style, albeit now a little bit pumped up.

Two tracks, and almost twenty minutes, in and it’s all a little relentless. Unfortunately the rest just does the same. Most of the tracks start somewhere a little mellow but then segue into full doom, and they chuck in some pointless death growls a lot of the time. The songs are all long and they all lack variety within themselves. Quite simply they just over expose the same idea too often.

It’s all a little unsatisfying. The closer is an odd piece, staying at the mellow melodic end for the whole seven minutes. But yet again this one idea just gets repeated over and over again. In essence there’s about twenty five minutes of music hear dragged out over what feels like hours.
The Median Man

The Doors starts things off, with a heavy rattling riff, a pounding snarling vocal and a slow menacing rhythm. Aura begins with an acoustic intro that fits well within the overall tempo and theme of the song, a snarling and epic vocal line is mixed with the distorted heaviness of the guitars. Touched snarls and dances across the board. Our Gifts is melodic, dark and brooding.

Reason begins with the Gregorian Chant before moving into slower, heaviness, grit and destruction. Insignificant is clean, minor and erratic. Layers shifts, turns and starts, bringing the album to a fitting close.

Author: medianman19
Doomed to Darkness

Doomed are a band from Germany that has been featured before in this zine and plays an atmospheric form of doom/death metal and this is a review of their 2018 album "6 Anti Odes To Life" which will be released on June 22nd by Solitude Productions.

A very slow, dark and heavy sound starts off the album while clean playing can also be heard at times along with the riffs also bringing in a great amount of melody as well as the solos and leads bring done in a very melodic style and the vocals also utilize a great amount of death metal growls.

Clean vocals can also be heard at times while grim screams when they are utilized bring in a touch of black metal along with most of the tracks being very long and epic in length as well as one track also introducing spoken word parts onto the recording, at times the music gets very atmospheric and when the music finally speeds up a small amount of blast beats can also be heard and the closing track is an instrumental.

Doomed creates another recording that remains true to the atmospheric doom/death metal style of previous releases, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover darkness, depression and suicide themes.

In my opinion this is another great sounding album from Doomed and if you are a fan of atmospheric doom/death metal, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Aura" and "Insignificant".

Author: OccultBlackMetal
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