New Arrivals - 06.03.2020

by Solitude Productions

Odradek Room "Painted Mind" DigiCD

'Painted Mind' - a new album from Ukrainian band ODRADEK ROOM, which remains at the forefront of intellectual metal scene. Stylistically the band's music originates from atmospheric post-metal and doom death metal with elements of related genres. Project's author produced animated clips, which together form a whole psychedelic film with an overarching plot. The album depicts psychological aspect of 'mind obscuring', deconstructing and diving into suppressed states of consciousness. The band invites you on a journey to go through their path of realising ideas, causes and consequences of the film's story. The stylish six-panel digipack includes artwork from author's animated film and has to get a decent place in your collection.

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Woe Unto Me "Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck" DigiCD

The new work of the Belarusian group «Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck» is both an attempt to experiment and an opportunity to present their creative work to discerning listeners in a new way. Instrumental interludes connect the tracks into a single canvas, musically going beyond the band's traditional doom death metal and filled with sincere feelings and experiences. The mini-album includes two unexpected cover versions that successfully maintain the unity of the whole work. Editited as a six-panel digipack.

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The Morningside "Yellowed" Vinyl LP

For today The Morningside's latest album "Yellow", which is the quintessence of the band's creativity, has found a new breath in the form of vinyl "Yellowed". Gentle mastering, made especially for vinyl, reveals the sound of the album in a new way in the correct music lover format. The journey continues! As always, there is a special offer for collectors: in addition to the standard black version, only one hundred copies of the limited edition in the form of true yellow vinyl with black splashes.

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New Arrivals

1000 Funerals - Portrait Of A Dream (CD) (2005)
Silent Time Noise, funeral death doom metal
Abigorum - Exaltatus Mechanism (CD) (2019)
Satanath Records / Death Portal Studio, black doom metal
Abysmal Growls Of Despair - Eternity Lies Blackened (CD) (2020)
Silent Time Noise Records, funeral doom metal
Ankhagram - Where Are You Now (CD) (2010)
Silent Time Noise Records, funeral doom metal
Benighted In Sodom - Dismal Ethereality: Stellar Celestial Void (CD) (2010)
Singularity Publishing, depressive black metal
Benighted In Sodom - In Hora Maledictus Part 1 (CD) (2008)
Obscure Abhorrence Productions, depressive black metal
Benighted In Sodom - Plateau Σ: The Harrowing (CD) (2010)
Obscure Abhorrence Productions, depressive black metal
Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth (CD) Digipak (1991)
Фоно, brutal death metal
Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life (CD) Digipak (1990)
Фоно, brutal death metal
Cannibal Corpse - Tomb Of The Mutilated (CD) (1992)
Фоно, brutal death metal
Celestial Crown - Rebirth (CD) (2016)
Symbol Of Domination Prod / Divenia, gothic doom / death metal
Dirty Grave - Evil Desire (CD) (2017)
GrimmDistribution / Todestrieb Records, traditional doom metal
Ethir Anduin - Loneliness Of My Life (CD) (2018)
Symbol Of Domination Prod / More Hate Productions, atmospheric black doom metal
Flegethon - Omnia semper fines (CD) (2020)
Silent Time Noise Records, ambient funeral doom metal
Frowning - Death Requiem (CD) Digipak (2020)
GS Productions / Silent Time Noise Records, funeral death doom metal
Funeral Tears - Beyond The Horizon (CD) (2017)
Satanath / Cimmerian Shade, funeral doom metal
Funeris - As The Dark Lulls (CD) (2020)
Silent Time Noise Records, funeral doom metal
Horrorgraphy - Season Of Grief (CD) (2018)
Satanath Records / United By Chaos, symphonic doom metal
Hromovlad - Vladca Lesov, Skalnych Stien (CD) (2005)
Long Ago, folk black metal
Humanity Zero - Proselytism (CD) (2018)
Satanath Records / More Hate Productions, doom / death metal
Marche Funèbre - Death Wish Woman (MCD) (2018)
GrimmDistribution / Cimmerian Shade Recordings, melodic death doom metal
Mourner - Apogee Of Nihility (CD) (2019)
Satanath Records / More Hate Productions / The End Of Time Records, doom / death metal
Nadir - The Sixth Extinction (CD) (2017)
GrimmDistribution / NGC Productions, death doom metal
Nightfall Doom Metal - Memories (CD) (2020)
Silent Time Noise Records, funeral doom metal
Poezd Rodina (Поезд Родина) - Прими Раба Твоего (Take Thy Servant) (CD) (2020)
Silent Time Noise Records / Outer Line, funeral doom metal
Ruini Vechnosti (Руины вечности) - Шёпот забытых холмов (Shjopot Zabytyh Holmov) (CD) (2017)
GrimmDistribution / Murdher Records, melodic death doom metal
Slow - III - Gaïa (CD) (2013)
Silent Time Noise Records, ambient funeral doom metal
Suffer Yourself - Ectoplasm (CD) (2016)
Satanath Records / More Hate Productions, funeral doom / death metal
The Father Of Serpents - Age Of Damnation (CD) (2017)
Satanath Records / United By Chaos, gothic doom metal
The Sullen Route - Last Day In Utter Diseases (CD) (2018)
GrimmDistribution, melodic death / doom metal
Vofa - Vofa (CD) (2019)
Funere / Exhumed Records, funeral doom / death metal
Zombie Attack - Through The Circles Of Hell (CD) (2014)
NitroAtmosfericum Records, thrash metal

New releases:

the-morningside-yellowed the-morningside-yellowed alunah-amber-and-gold
woe unto me odradek room Deha
elusive-god-the-darkest-flame екклесиаст-холод shallow-rivers-prometheus-unbound
restless-oblivion-mistilteinn s-c-a-l-p-to-heroes-of-the-past shattered-hope-vespers
shattered-hope-vespers intaglio-intaglio intaglio-intaglio
invernoir-the-void-and-the-unbearable-loss marche-funebre-einderlicht ea-ea-taesse-grey-opaque-with-black-and-white-splatter

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