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by Solitude Productions

T-Shirts preorder (before 19 june)

Doom:VS - The Dead Swan Of The Woods

We are accepting preorders for Doom:VS - The Dead Swan Of The Woods shirts. At the moment all sizes including biggest ones and all girl sizes are available. On 19 we are sending shirts to printing so after that time only regular sizes will be available. Please check sizes table on our site as these shirts are quite specific and slightly smaller that usual sizes. As previous time we use the best possible shirts in terms of quality.

Solitude Productions - Doom & SolitudeSolitude Productions - Doom & Solitude

Another good news - we decided to make a exclusive Solitude Productions “Doom & Solitude” t-shirt to celebrate label's 14th birthday on 16 July. All new design and high quality shirts (cotton 95%, lycra 5%; weight: 200 gr.) will be a great gift for all doom metal lovers and for everyone who want to support our label. During preorder you can choose black or white colour with all man and girl sizes variations. After that we'll keep some stock of mostly black colour and common sizes. Don't miss to grab one!

Well ship orders on the first Half of July.
Waiting for your Preorders before 19.

P.S. We updated our webstore platform. If you experiensing some troubles during order or have seen any mistaker or errors please contact us.

New Arrivals

Accept - Restless And Wild (CD) (1982)
Фоно, heavy metal
Allegaeon - Apoptosis (CD) (2019)
Фоно, technical melodic death metal
Amentes - It Could All Have Vanished (CD) (2003)
GS Productions, progressive doom / death metal
Exumer - Hostile Defiance (CD) Digipak (2019)
Фоно, thrash metal
Falconer - The Sceptre Of Deception (CD) (2003)
Фоно, folk / power metal
In Eternum - Anatomy Of Melancholy (CD) Digipak (2012)
GS Productions, gothic doom metal
In Eternum - Discover (CD) Digipak (2018)
GS Productions, gothic doom metal
In Eternum - Return Of Darkness (CD) Digipak (2007)
GS Productions, gothic doom metal
In Eternum - Seas Of Forgetfulness (CD) Digipak (2003)
GS Productions, gothic doom metal
In Eternum - The Forgotten Ones (CD) Digipak (2018)
GS Productions, gothic doom metal
Metal Inquisitor - Panopticon (CD) (2019)
Фоно, heavy metal
Mistralth - But A Walking Shadow (CD) Digipak (2019)
GS Productions, dark metal / doom
Mistralth - My Grief (CD) Digipak (2017)
GS Productions, dark metal / doom
Ode Insone - Relógio (CD) Digipak (2019)
GS Productions, melodic death doom metal
Pilgrim - II - Void Worship (CD) (2014)
Фоно, doom metal
Regnat Horrendum - Dogs Of Christ (CD) (2019)
More Hate Productions, pagan black metal
Scanner - Ball Of The Damned (CD) (1997)
Фоно, heavy / power metal
Scanner - Mental Reservation (CD) (1995)
Фоно, heavy / power metal
Sentenced - Shadows Of The Past (CD) (1992)
Фоно, death metal
The Howling Void - Megaliths Of The Abyss (CD) Digipak (2009)
GS Productions, funeral doom metal
Theatre Of Tragedy - Aégis (CD) (1998)
Фоно, gothic metal
Theatre Of Tragedy - Theatre Of Tragedy (CD) (1995)
Фоно, gothic doom metal
Theatre Of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear (CD) (1996)
Фоно, gothic doom metal
Vendetta - Brain Damage (CD) (1988)
Фоно, thrash metal
Vendetta - Go And Live...Stay And Die (CD) (1987)
Фоно, thrash metal
When Nothing Remains - In Memoriam (CD) (2016)
Solitude Productions, melodic doom death


Doom:VS - The Dead Swan Of The Woods (T-Shirt)
Solitude Productions - Doom & Solitude (T-Shirt) White
Solitude Productions - Doom & Solitude (T-Shirt) Black

New releases:

solitude-productions-doom-and-solitude-t-shirt luna-luna consecration-fragilium
ornamentos-del-miedo-este-no-es-tu-hogar kashchey-intacta endname-eva
doom-vs-earthless doom-vs-earthless ypres-genus-vitiosum
urza-the-omnipresence-of-loss ars-onirica-i-cold helevorn-aamamata


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