New Arrivals - 22.09.2019

by Solitude Productions

Fvneral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions (CD) available for preorder

The long-awaited full-length album by the German band Fvneral Fvkk featuring members of Ophis, Crimson Swan, and Fäulnis. After the successful EP “Lecherous Liturgies”, which received positive responses that mentioned, among others, the wit of the lyrics and the stylistical similarity to Solitude Aeturnus, Fvneral Fvkk decided to reach a new milestone by creating a perfect epic doom metal piece. “Carnal Confessions” can really be recognized as a standard of the genre: melodic, epic, powerful, and majestic doom metal with deep male vocals. A beautifully designed booklet compl ements the picture of impeccability. This is a true black brilliant.

1 Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam
2 Chapel Of Abuse
3 A Shadow In The Dormitory
4 Alone With The Cross
5 The Hallowed Leech
6 Poor Sisters Of Nazareth
7 To Those In The Grave
8 When God Is Not Watching

Bandcamp - YouTube (online premiere on - 26.09.2019)

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(EchO) - Below The Cover Of Clouds (CD)

The third album by the Italian band continues exploring dark fantasies of the talented musicians. Demonstrating significant progress and development, (EchO) created a mosaic canvas on a melodic death doom metal base filled with outstanding melodies and intersections with different styles, with a touch of psychedelia and a perfect combination of fragility and brutality (both in music and vocals). Carefully crafted arrangements ensured by the coherence and skills of the musicians are the unique feature of (EchO), that was perfected by Greg Chandler (Esoteric), who performed mixing and mastering in Priory Recording Studio.

1 (Y)our Warmth
2 Glimpses And Fear
3 Culmine 2.18
4 Blind Snow
5 My Burden
6 The Ferryman
7 Awakening

Bandcamp - YouTube

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New Arrivals

(EchO) - Below The Cover Of Clouds (CD) (2019)
BadMoodMan Music, doom / dark metal
Allone - Alone... (CD) (2019)
Aesthetic Death Records / Seven Gates Of Hell, avantgarde black metal
Arcane Voidsplitter - Voice Of The Stars (CD) Digipak (2019)
Aesthetic Death Records, cosmic funeral drone ambient
Barús - Drowned (CD) (2018)
Memento Mori, progressive death metal
Bonesaw - Local Death Metal (CD) Digipak (2016)
Aphelion Productions, death metal
Chysta Krynycya (Чиста Криниця) - Симфонiя Життя (Simfonija Zhittja) (CD) (2011)
More Hate Productions, folk black metal
Decayed - The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle (CD) (1993)
Aphelion Productions, death metal
Epitaphe - I (CD) Digipak (2019)
Aesthetic Death Records, doom death metal
Filtheater - Blight Of Sempiternal Putrefaction (CD) (2019)
Memento Mori, death metal
Fvneral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions (CD) (2019)
Solitude Productions, epic traditional doom metal
Horrisonous - A Culinary Cacophony (CD) (2019)
Memento Mori, death metal
Jari Pitkänen / Shum - Jää / Jég (CD) (2018)
NGC Productions / Aesthetic Death Records / Frozen Light, dark ambient
Morbid Messiah - Demoniac Paroxysm (CD) (2018)
Memento Mori, death metal
Nidhogg - Nidhogg (MCD) Digipak (2015)
Aphelion Productions, black metal
Nornes - Vanity (MCD) Digisleeve (2019)
Self-released, doom metal
Pando - Negligible Senescence (CD) Digipak (2019)
Aesthetic Death Records, experimental black metal
Ravenous Death - Chapters Of An Evil Transition (CD) (2019)
Memento Mori, death metal
Ruin - Human Annihilation (CD) (2018)
Memento Mori, death metal
Taatsi - Olden Folk (CD) (2015)
Aphelion Productions, atmospheric black metal
Thanatos - Thanatology: Terror From The Vault (2xCD) (2019)
Memento Mori, death thrash metal
Until Death Overtakes Me - Symphony III: Monolith (CD) (2004)
Flood The Earth, funeral doom metal
Uruk-Hai - Elbenjahre (CD) (2017)
Aphelion Productions, cult dark ambient
Vile Apparition - Depravity Ordained (CD) (2019)
Memento Mori, death metal
Vinterriket - Garðarshólmur (CD) (2012)
Aphelion Productions, black ambient
Vinterriket - Grauweiss (CD) (2011)
Aphelion Productions, black ambient
Vinterriket - Nachtfülle (CD) Digipak (2019)
Aphelion Productions, black ambient
Voz De Nenhum - Sublimation (CD) Digipak (2019)
Aesthetic Death Records, experimental black metal


Counting Hours - Untitled Demo EP (12'' LP) Cardboard Sleeve (2018)
The Vinyl Division, gothic doom / depressive rock
Red Moon Architect - Kuura (12'' LP) Cardboard Sleeve (2019)
The Vinyl Division, funeral doom metal


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