New Arrivals - 15.03.2020

by Solitude Productions

Towards Darkness "Tetrad" (CD) available for preorder

The long-awaited new album from the one of the leaders of the Canadian extreme doom scene. On their third full-length album, the musicians expanded the frontiers of their unique sound by adding more explicit sludge / post-metal to funeral doom in order to further emphasize the feeling of gloom and devastation. At the same time, the album does not lose the ethereality typical for Towards Darkness, while airy keyboards background adds depth to the entire album atmosphere.


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New Arrivals

Bloodiest - Descent (CD) (2011)
Relapse Records, sludge metal / post-rock
Core Of The Earth - Curtains (CD) (2006)
Self-released, stoner doom metal
Core Of The Earth - Loadstone (CD) (2004)
Self-released, stoner doom metal
Defaillance - Contemplation Misanthropique De L'Humanite (CD) Digipak (2008)
Ewiges Eis, depressive black metal
Drudkh / Hades Almighty - Той, Хто Говорить З Імлою (One Who Talks With The Fog) / Pyre Era, Black! (CD) Digipak (2016)
Dark Essence Records, black metal
Défaillance - Defaillance (MCD) Digipak (2009)
Ewiges Eis Records, depressive black metal
Défaillance - Désemparé Dans Un Monde Agonisant (MCD) (2006)
Ewiges Eis Records, depressive black metal
Kairi - My Light, My Flesh (CD) (2011)
Endless Desperation, funeral doom metal
Katatonia - Dance Of December Souls (CD) Digipak (1993)
Mystic Empire, death doom metal
Katatonia - December Songs - A Tribute To (2xCD) Digipak (2006)
Northern Silence Productions, black doom metal
Kongh - Counting Heartbeats (2xCD) Digipak (2007)
Agonia Records, sludge doom metal
Kongh - Shadows Of The Shapeless (CD) (2009)
Seventh Rule Recordings, sludge doom metal
Kongh - Sole Creation (CD) (2013)
Agonia Records, sludge doom metal
Maudlin - Ionesco (CD) Digipak (2008)
Offerandum Records / Genet Records, progressive sludge metal
Mourning Lenore - Loosely Bounded Infinities (CD) (2010)
Major Label Industries, doom death metal
Reverend Bizarre - II: Crush The Insects (CD) (2005)
The Church Within Records, doom metal
Reverend Bizarre - III - So Long Suckers (2xCD) (2007)
The Church Within Records, doom metal
The High Confessions - Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions (CD) Digipak (2010)
Relapse Records, post rock
Towards Darkness - Tetrad (CD) (2020)
Solitude Productions, funeral / sludge doom metal
Until Death Overtakes Me - Prelude To Monolith (CD) (2002)
CD-Maximum, ambient funeral doom metal


Terroraiser Magazine N 4 (80) (2019)

Releases 2019:

intaglio-the-memory-of-death the-morningside-yellow mandibulla-bleeding-black
mesmur-terrene bewailer-where-my-demise-dwells шишкин-лес-универс
шишкин-лес-материя fvneral-fvkk-carnal-confessions consecration-fragilium
nox-aurea-via-gnosis luna-luna consecration-fragilium
ornamentos-del-miedo-este-no-es-tu-hogar kashchey-intacta endname-eva
doom-vs-earthless doom-vs-earthless ypres-genus-vitiosum
urza-the-omnipresence-of-loss ars-onirica-i-cold helevorn-aamamata


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