New Arrivals - 29.09.2019

by Solitude Productions

Fvneral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions (CD)

The long-awaited full-length album by the German band Fvneral Fvkk featuring members of Ophis, Crimson Swan, and Fäulnis. After the successful EP “Lecherous Liturgies”, which received positive responses that mentioned, among others, the wit of the lyrics and the stylistical similarity to Solitude Aeturnus, Fvneral Fvkk decided to reach a new milestone by creating a perfect epic doom metal piece. “Carnal Confessions” can really be recognized as a standard of the genre: melodic, epic, powerful, and majestic doom metal with deep male vocals. A beautifully designed booklet compl ements the picture of impeccability. This is a true black brilliant.

1 Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam
2 Chapel Of Abuse
3 A Shadow In The Dormitory
4 Alone With The Cross
5 The Hallowed Leech
6 Poor Sisters Of Nazareth
7 To Those In The Grave
8 When God Is Not Watching

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