Solitude Productions launches COMPILATION 2018

by Solitude Productions
Solitude Productions launches COMPILATION 2018

Solitude Productions / BadMoodMan Music presents FREE 2018 Label Sampler to highlight another year of incredible music featuring the best doom metal bands from around the world. The sampler features 15 tracks from recent releases by DOOM:VS, HELLLIGHT, SORROWFUL LAND, SELF-HATRED, MAJESTIC DOWNFALL, IVAN & new bands debuted this year - MAZE OF FEELINGS, ROME IN MONOCHROME, POSTMORTAL, LONESHORE, VOIDHAVEN, PAINTHING! Download or Stream for FREE!

Download or stream it for FREE here -


1. Maze Of Feelings - Where Orphaned Daughters Cry
2. Rome In Monochrome - Paranoia Pitch Black
3. Postmortal - Elusion
4. Self-hatred - Epitaf
5. Doomed - Aura
6. Shallow Rivers - Water Awakes
7. Doom:VS - The Lachrymal Sleep
8. Loneshore - Effigy
9. Ivan - Time Is Lost
10. Voidhaven - The Floating Grave
11. Sorrowful Land - Weep On, Weep On
12. Painthing - The Shell I Live In
13. HellLight - Ocean
14. Majestic Downfall - Waters Of Fate
15. Mournful Congregation - The Waterless Streams

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL release new album "Waters Of Fate"

by Solitude Productions

The new full-length album by Majestic Downfall is, without a doubt, the strongest band's release to date. Sophisticated compositions, sound and concept: all these elements are perfectly combined to reflect the unique face of the group and its vision of the doom death metal style, which consists in a refined alloy of heaviness, atmosphere and melody. The music of despair, the music of pain. Too personal and too emotional to live it through every time, and too beautiful to be able to reject every new listening! Co-release with Weird Truth Productions.

Product page

1 Veins
2 Waters Of Fate
3 Contagious Symmetry
4 Spore
5 Collapsed Pitch Black
Bonus Track
6 Waters Of Faith

HELLLIGHT release new album "As We Slowly Fade"

by Solitude Productions
HELLLIGHT release new album "As We Slowly Fade"

The new full-length album from the Brazilian masters of atmospheric doom death metal HellLight demonstrates the loyalty of the band to their unique sound, recognizable from the first notes, carefully combined with the development of their ideas. Avoiding copying themselves or other genre representatives, the band produced a brilliant material filled with a ponderous atmosphere, melodies, and memorable guitar solos. The feast of grief continues!

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1 Intro 02:39
2 As We Slowly Fade 11:52
3 While The Moon Darkens 11:24
4 The Ghost 10:17
5 Bridge Between Life And Death 09:05
6 The Land Of Broken Dreams 08:47
7 Ocean 10:52

PAINTHING released debut album "Where Are You Now...?"

by Solitude Productions
PAINTHING released debut album "Where Are You Now...?"

The debut album by the Polish band Painthing that has been recorded after many years of professional activity and a number of gigs. This is a verified depressive doom death metal in vein of the golden age of the style in 1990s. The original combination of depressive mood with catchy melodies and heaviness is complemented by the disc design made by Michal "Xaay" Loranc (known for working with Nile, Behemoth and other bands).

Product page

1 Between
2 Widow And The King
3 Buzz And Madness
4 The Shell I Live In
5 Psychosis 4:48
6 Only Death Will Divide Us
7 To Live Is To Fight
8 So Be It

SORROWFUL LAND released new album "I Remember" - Label news 26.10.2018

by Solitude Productions

SORROWFUL LAND released new album "I Remember"

The second full-length album of the Ukrainian atmospheric doom death metal band demonstrates the rapid artistic development of the man behind the name Sorrowful Land, Max Molodtsov. Each composition has its own unique sound and mood enhanced by appearance of guest vocalists, such as Kaivan Saraei (A Dream Of Poe), Daniel Neagoe (Clouds, Eye Of Solitude, Shape Of Despair), Evander Sinque (Who Dies In Siberian Slush , Decay Of Reality, Forbidden Shape), Vladislav Shahin (Mournful Gust, Autumnia), Daniel Arvidsson (Draconian, Mammoth Storm). Guest guitar solo in one of the tracks is performed by Vito Marchese (Novembers Doom, The Kahless Clone). This album will become a great gift for all doom death metal fans!

Release page

1. And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low? [feat. Kaivan Saraei]
2. When The World's Gone Cold [feat. Daniel Neagoe]
3. A Father I Never Had
4. Weep On, Weep On [feat. Evander Sinque]
5. I Am The Only Being Whose Doom [feat. Vladislav Shahin & Vito Marchese]
6. The Kingdom Of Nothingness [feat. Daniel Arvidsson]

Bandcamp - YouTube

HELEVORN released first teaser from upcoming album!!

HELEVORN -Aamamata- First teaser

Album Will be released in early 2019

VOIDHAVEN released debut EP - Label news - 19.10.2018

by Solitude Productions

VOIDHAVEN released debut EP

The debut work by the German band featuring members of Crimson Swan and Ophis contains two epic compositions with a total duration of 18 minutes. The coolest mixture of traditional doom metal and doom-death with a touch of dark metal from the 90's compose the sound of this mini album, complemented by the atmospheric cover design that enhances the impressions from listening this powerful and vibrant music. A small flame lit in the darkness!

Product page

1 The Floating Grave
2 Beyond The Bounds Of Sleep

Bandcamp - YouTube

HELEVORN finished recording of new album!!!

Helevorn finished new album

Release scheduled for early 2019

HellLight published cover artwork of the new album!

6th full length will be released in November 2018.

IVAN release "Memory" - Label news 12.10.2018

by Solitude Productions
IVAN release "Memory" - Label news 12.10.2018

This is the third full-length album of the Australian band Ivan and the first one officially released on a CD. A must-have for fans of classical atmospheric doom death metal. Two tracks, longer than 20 minutes each, are filled to the brim with heavy guitar riffs and the sounds of a dreary piano framed by a solo violin, which makes Ivan's music so special and unique. This is a sound of a funeral orchestra playing on the edge of a dug grave, where the withered autumn leaves fall.

Product page

1 Visions 22:14
2 Time Is Lost 25:52

Majestic Downfall premieres new song entitled VEINS!!!

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL - Veins (Official Track Premiere)

Sorrowful Land cover artwork revealed!

Sorrowful Land - I Remember

The new album is called "I Remember" and contains 6 songs.

On this week - Label's news 05.10.2018

by Solitude Productions

Recent news from Solitude Productions rooster

Majestic Downfall announced new album
Majestic Downfall

It will be released in Europe/Asia by Solitude Productions and Weird Truth Productions and in the America´s by Chaos Records!!!
52 minutes of pure Death/Doom mixed and mastered by @Tore Stjerna in Necromorbus Studio, Stockholm Sweden.
European/Asian version will contain one bonus track for a total playing time of over an hour!!!

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL - Waters Of Fate (New Album Teaser)

Voidhaven - steam new track from upcoming EP

Listen to a complete track from Voidhaven's upcoming first EP here!
Coming this autumn on Solitude Productions.
Doom Metal from Hamburg, Germany.
One track streaming here -

IVAN's track from upcoming full-length "Memory"

LONESHORE release debut album "From Presence To Silence"

by Solitude Productions
LONESHORE release debut album "From Presence To Silence"

Without a doubt, The Brazilian band Loneshore is the discovery of the year, and its debut album is one of the best releases lately, competing with the best works of Opeth, Katatonia, Alcest and The Morningside. Impeccable performance skills, brilliant melodies and diverse catchy compositions make "From Presence To Silence" a must for listening, repeated re-listening, and a special place on the CD-shelf of a real dark heavy music fan.

Product page

1 The Quiet Visitor
2 Effigy
3 Winds Of Ill Omen
4 Until The Last Of Hopes
5 Daylight
6 From Presence To Silence

DOOM:VS re-issue "Dead Words Speak" on Vinyl

by Solitude Productions
DOOM:VS re-issue "Dead Words Speak" on Vinyl

Re-issue of the second album of cult doom metal band Doom:VS "Dead Words Speak". This album requires no additional comments, because during ten years since the first edition, it has been highly appreciated by fans and critics, becoming one of the genre masterpieces. It is worth noting that the first edition was quickly sold out long time ago and has become a rarity, however, now the collectors have a unique chance to add this record to their collections.

First press on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies
100 copies on black vinyl
100 copies on blue vinyl
100 copies on clear vinyl

A1 Half Light 7:48
A2 Dead Words Speak 8:02
B1 The Lachrymal Sleep 8:00
C1 Upon The Cataract 8:00
C2 Leaden Winged Burden 6:43
D1 Threnode 12:10


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