New Arrivals - 02.05.2020

by Solitude Productions

New Arrivals

Angelical Tears - Angelical Tears (MCD) (2010)
self released, gothic metal
Asguard - Dreamslave (CD) Digisleeve (2005)
Strong Music, melodic death black metal
Defaillance - Contemplation Misanthropique De L'Humanite (CD) Digipak (2008)
Ewiges Eis, depressive black metal
Dominanz - Noxious (CD) Digipak (2014)
Industrial Silence, industrial metal
Eibon - II (CD) Digisleeve (2013)
Aesthetic Death, sludge doom metal
Epitaphe - Demo MMXVII (CD) (2018)
Chaos Records, doom death metal
Funeral Tears - The Only Way Out (CD) Digipak (2018)
Ksenza Records, funeral doom metal
Heavydeath - Dark Phoenix Rising (MCD) Digisleeve (2015)
Dying Sun / At War With False Noise, doom / death metal
Matalobos - Until Time Has Lost All Meaning (CD) Digipak (2017)
Concreto Records, melodic doom / death metal
Ocean - Monument / Fork Lashing Eye (Pro CD-R) Digipak (2006)
Not On Label (Ocean Self-released), sludge doom metal
Paradise Lost - Gothic (CD+DVD) Super Jewel Case (1991)
Peaceville, gothic doom metal
Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus (CD) (1984)
SST Records, doom metal
Serious Beak - Huxwhukw (CD) Digipak (2011)
Not On Label (Serious Beak Self-Released), math rock / sludge metal
Shining / Funeral Dirge - The Sinister Alliance (CD) Special pack (2007)
Old Temple, depressive black metal
Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain (CD) Digipak (1992)
Earache, doom metal
Soulsearch - Liedersammlung (CD) Digipak (2006)
Ahnstern, celtic doom death
The Angelic Process - Coma Waering (CD) Cardboard Sleeve (2003)
Paradigms Recordings, ambient drone / doom metal
The Extinct Dreams - Ars Moriendi (CD) (2008)
Backfire Productions, funeral doom / death metal
The Extinct Dreams - Potustoronnee Siyanie (Потустороннее Cияние) (CD) Digipak (2010)
Backfire, doom death metal
The Extinct Dreams - Фрагменты Вечности (Fragments Of Memory) (CD) Digipak (2016)
Stygian Crypt Productions / Backfire Productions, doom death metal
The Human Quena Orchestra - Politics Of The Irredeemable (CD) Digisleeve (2009)
Crucial Blast, industrial doom ambient
The Vein - Perdition's Cold Embrace (MCD) Digisleeve (2014)
Ancient Darkness, death doom metal
Tyranny - Bleak Vistae (MCD) (2004)
Firedoom Music, funeral doom metal
Until Death Overtakes Me - Days Without Hope (CD) (2009)
Marche Funebre Productions, funeral doom metal
Until My Funerals Began - Behind The Window (CD) (2011)
Silent Time Noise, funeral doom metal
Urna - Mors Imperatrix Mundi (MCD) Digipak (2005)
GS Productions, funeral black doom metal
Vhernen - The Funeral Era (Sepulchral Sorrows) (CD) (2009)
Eerie Art Records, depressive black metal
Vhernen - Vhernen (CD) (2007)
Eerie Art Records, depressive black metal
Wall Of Sleep - Sun Faced Apostles (CD) (2005)
PsycheDOOMelic, stoner doom
Wall Of Sleep - When Mountains Roar (CD) (2010)
PsycheDOOMelic, stoner doom metal
Whitebuzz - Book Of Whyte (CD) Digisleeve (2009)
MeteorCity, stoner doom metal
Woods Of Belial - Deimos XIII (CD) (2003)
Firebox Records, industrial black doom metal
Wrekmeister Harmonies - Night of Your Ascension (Japan) (CD) Cardboard Sleeve (2015)
Daymare Recordings, drone doom metal
Xasthur - All Reflections Drained (Japan) (2xCD) (2009)
Daymare Recordings, depressive black metal
Xasthur - Defective Epitaph (Japan) (2xCD) Cardboard Sleeve (2007)
Daymare Recordings, depressive black metal
Xasthur - Nightmares At Dawn (CD) (2012)
Avantgarde Music, depressive black metal
Xasthur - Portal Of Sorrow (CD) (2010)
Disharmonic Variations, depressive black metal

New & Upcoming releases:

eyeless-in-gaza-act-i-the-protagonist towards-darkness-tetrad silvered-six-hours
intaglio-the-memory-of-death the-morningside-yellow mandibulla-bleeding-black
mesmur-terrene bewailer-where-my-demise-dwells шишкин-лес-универс
шишкин-лес-материя fvneral-fvkk-carnal-confessions consecration-fragilium


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