New Arrivals - 16.01.2020

by Solitude Productions

Elusive God "The Darkest Flame" DigiCD

Fortress of sound equal to the brutal cosmic punch in the face of an ancient disgusting mythological giant awakened from the aeons of eternal sleep by earth-shaking, almost razor-sharp epic riffs. Expression at the very limit of suffering, anger, bitterness and euphoria, intertwined with embodiment of the darkest thoughts from the deepest corners of the soul and consciousness.
This is doom. This is metal from Croatia.

1 Silence Is Our Doom 4:53
2 The Truth Untold 5:59
3 Dream Within a Dream 5:26
4 To Whom Do You Pray? 7:28

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SHATTERED HOPE - Towards The Land Of Deception (Official Video)

XV Anniversary Compilation

Solitude Productions & BadMoodMan Music presents 2x FREE - XV Anniversary Label Sampler to highlight 15 years of incredible music featuring the best metal bands from around the world. The samplers features 165 & 98 tracks respectively from almost all label releases during 2005-2020! Download or Stream for FREE

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New Arrivals

Abske Fides - Disenlightment (MCD) (2009)
Beneath The Fog Productions, death doom metal
Alter - Dusk Dawn / Follow You Beloved (2xCD) Digipak (2011)
Crucial Blast, experimental folk doom metal
Anti - The Insignificance Of Life (MCD) (2006)
Obscure Abhorrence Productions / Art Of Propaganda, depressive black metal
Aphonic Threnody / Frowning - SplitCD - Of Graves, Of Worms, And Epitaphs (CD) Digipak (2014)
GS Productions, funeral doom / death metal
Asbestosdeath - Dejection Unclean (MCD) (2007)
Southern Lord, stoner doom metal
Barbarous Pomerania - Duch 300 Z Rany (CD) (2009)
Yar' Productions / Empire 606 Records, pagan black metal
Bastion (Бастион) - Рассвет Сварога (Dawn Of Swarog) (CD) (2011)
Volkh / Schwarze Tod, pagan metal
Bevar Sea - Bevar Sea (CD) Digipak (2012)
Iron Fist, stoner doom
Beyond Black Void - Desolate (CD) (2002)
Marche Funebre Productions, ambient / funeral doom
Consummatum Est - Hypnagogia (CD) (2010)
Silent Time Noise, funeral doom metal
Dagaz - Дорогой Вечности (Dorogoj Vechnosti) (CD) (2012)
Der Schwarze Tod, neo-folk / acoustic
Dormant - Beneath The Mighty Oak (CD) DVD Box (2007)
God Is Myth Records, neofolk black metal
Extruder (Экструдер) - Заложники каменных джунглей (Stone Jungle Hostages) (CD) (2016)
Triple Kick Records, heavy metal
Falgar - La Dama Del Alba (CD) Digipak (2013)
Myrkr, atmopsheric black metal
Fangorn - Where The Tales Live On (CD) (2012)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Foxtale - Сказания Севера (CD) (2018)
Musica Production, folk metal
Grimnir - Ледяное дыхание севера (Ledjanoe Dyhanie Severa) (CD) (2012)
Der Schwarze Tod, pagan black metal
Haze Of Summer - Znoi (CD) (2017)
Sound Age Productions, melodic black / post metal
Hehir (Хёнир) - Ворон (CD) (2017)
Triple Kick Records, folk death metal
Hieronymus Bosch - Equivoke (CD) (2008)
Sound Age Productions, progressive death metal
Hieronymus Bosch - The Human Abstract (CD) (1995)
Sound Age Productions, progressive death metal
Izmoroz (Изморозь) - Ктулху (Cthulhu) (CD) (2013)
Triple Kick Records, folk pagan black metal
Izmoroz (Изморозь) - Язь (Yaz) (CD) (2015)
Triple Kick Records, folk pagan black metal
Lamb Of God - New American Gospel (CD) (2000)
Prosthetic Records, metalcore
Mantas - Death By Metal (2xCD) Digipak (2012)
Relapse Records, death metal
Milliard - Never Stop the Madness (CD) (2015)
Triple Kick Records, death black metal
Nebokray (Небокрай) - На рубеже (At The Boundary) (CD) (2010)
Stellar Winter Records / Der Schwarze Tod / Au-To-Dafe, pagan black metal
Nuklear Frost - Subjugation (CD) Digipak (2014)
Myrkr, black metal
Oceanwake - Kingdom (CD) (2013)
Stygian Crypt Productions, progressive death / doom metal
Octavia Sperati - Grace Submerged (CD) (2007)
Candlelight Records, gothic metal
Octavia Sperati - Winter Enclosure (CD) (2005)
Candlelight Records, gothic metal
Old Silver Key - Tales Of Wanderings (CD) Digipak (2011)
Season Of Mist, post rock
Ravenant - Seven | Paths To Insanity (CD) (2015)
Triple Kick Records, black metal
Root - Madness Of The Graves (CD) (2003)
Paragon Records, epic heavy / black metal
Sand Aura - Elegy Of The Orient (CD) (2012)
HAARBN Productions, progressive metal
Svyatogor - Doctor Veritas (CD) (2012)
Svarga Music, death / black metal
Tevana3 - Mieron Tiellä (CD) (2011)
Sound Age Productions, experimental / folk metal
Tevana3 - Peräpohjolan Takana (CD) (2016)
Sound Age Productions, experimental / folk metal
The Funeral Orchestra - Feeding The Abyss / Apocalyptic Plague Ritual MMXX (2xCD) (2020)
Eclectic Productions, funeral doom metal
Thunderkraft - Totentanz (CD) (2012)
Svarga Music, folk metal
Witchprayer - Devil Worship Prayers (MCD) (2015)
Myrkr, black metal
Xandria - Ravenheart (CD) (2019)
Фоно, gothic metal
Yomi - Genpei (CD) (2016)
Sound Age Productions, folk death metal
Ūkanose - Ūkanose (CD) (2016)
Sound Age Productions, pagan folk metal


Pantheist - Seeking Infinity (2x12'' LP) Gatefold (2018)
The Vinyl Division, funeral doom metal

New Releases:

elusive-god-the-darkest-flame екклесиаст-холод shallow-rivers-prometheus-unbound
restless-oblivion-mistilteinn s-c-a-l-p-to-heroes-of-the-past shattered-hope-vespers
shattered-hope-vespers intaglio-intaglio intaglio-intaglio
invernoir-the-void-and-the-unbearable-loss marche-funebre-einderlicht ea-ea-taesse-grey-opaque-with-black-and-white-splatter
sunset-forsaken-85-nerves fvneral-fvkk-lecherous-liturgies ivan-silver-screens
eyeless-in-gaza-act-i-the-protagonist towards-darkness-tetrad silvered-six-hours


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