New Arrivals - 10.10.2020

by Solitude Productions

Intaglio "Intaglio" (15th Anniversary Remix) available for preorder on CD & Vinyl

A reimagined version of the self-titled debut "Intaglio" album originally released in 2005. The new version contains parts and sounds that were not included in the original version of the album, which is now in their place as originally intended. Every second of all the original source tracks underwent restoration and processing using top-class digital and analog equipment. Moreover, for the new version of the album, all drum parts were live recorded, without the use of triggering and sampling technologies, which is very rare nowadays. The album was restored and remixed by Evgeny Semenov (When Nothing Remains, Woe Unto Me, Sorrowful Land) at Slow Burn Studio, mastering was performed by Mika Jussila (Shape Of Despair, Isole, Unholy, Moonspell) at Finnvox Studios.

1 The Beginning = Начало 
2 Dark Cherry Day = Темно-вишневый день 
3 Interlude = Интерлюдия 
4 Solitude = Одиночество 
5 Wind Of Autumn = Ветер Осени

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New Arrivals

Bohema - Eternal Slaves (CD) (2008)
Metal Renaissance, technical brutal death metal
Dagaz - Дорогой Вечности (Dorogoj Vechnosti) (CD) (2012)
Der Schwarze Tod, neo-folk / acoustic
Funeral Tears - The Only Way Out (CD) Digipak (2018)
Ksenza Records, funeral doom metal
Inquisition - Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith (CD) (2016)
Season Of Mist, black metal
Intaglio - Intaglio (15th Anniversary Remix) (CD) (2005)
Solitude Productions / Weird Truth Productions, funeral doom metal
Jehovah The Satyr - Philanthrope (MCD) (2015)
FireStorm Production, melodic death metal
Rakoth - Ars Compilata (CD) (2014)
Sound Age Productions, avantgarde folk metal
Rarog (Рарогъ) - Взойди Солнце (Vzoidi Solnce) (CD) (2011)
Sound Age Productions, pagan folk slavonic metal
Rashamba - Pralavana (CD) (2009)
Союз, metalcore
Ravenant - Seven | Paths To Insanity (CD) (2015)
Triple Kick Records, black metal
Relicts - 12 On The Richter Scale (CD) (2008)
Musica Production, techno death metal
Rodogost (Родогост) - Зачин (Zachin) (CD) (2014)
Sound Age Productions, pagan folk metal
Rogatiy Kolokol (Рогатый Колоколъ) - Nebyl' (Небыль) (CD) (2013)
Sound Age Productions, folk death metal
Rogatiy Kolokol (Рогатый Колоколъ) - Пуще прежнего (MCD) (2015)
Sound Age Productions, folk death metal
Rvi Mekha (Рви Меха) - Жаворонок (Skylark) (CD) (2017)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Sale Freux - Subterraneus (CD) (2010)
COD music / Der Schwarze Tod, black metal
Satanakozel (СатанаКозёл) - Рогатыя (Horned One) (CD) (2008)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Satanakozel (СатанаКозёл) - Север (North) (CD) (2015)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Satanakozel (СатанаКозёл) - Солнце Мёртвых (Solnce Mertvyh) (CD) Digipak (2010)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Seecrees - Genesis (CD) (2012)
Musica, melodic death metal
Severnye Vrata (Северные Врата) - Volot (Волот) (CD) (2009)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Shadowland - Cold, Scars And Your Galaxy (CD) (2017)
Sound Age Productions, atmospheric black metal
Shexna - Вы завийте, витерочики… (Let the winds blow…) (CD) (2016)
Sound Age Productions, folk doom metal
Sivyj Yar (Сивый Яр) - Thenight (Нощь) (CD) (2010)
Gardarika Musikk, atmospheric black metal
Skolot (Сколот) - От Истока Рода (From origins Rod's) (CD) (2015)
SvaSound Records, folk rock
Sleeping Woodland - К Северным морям (To The Northern Seas) (CD) (2017)
Sound Age Productions, viking folk metal
Smuta (Смута) - Chmelnaja Pesn Vojny (Хмельная Песнь Войны) (CD) (2008)
Sound Age Productions, pagan metal
Soncesvit (Сонцесвiт) / Mystterra - Ватра / Ветер Дальних Странствий (CD) (2015)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Sonnenbrand - В осознании превосходства (V Osoznanii Prevoshodstva) (CD) (2013)
Der Schwarze Tod / Bergting, pagan black metal
Superstatic - Key To The Abyss (CD) (2018)
Sound Age Productions, death doom metal
Svarga (Сварга) - Мой Край (My Land) (CD) (2014)
SvaSound Records, pagan folk metal
Svartby - Swamp, My Neighbour (CD) (2015)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Svarun (Сварун) - Завештанье I: Земльа (The Legacy, Vol. I: The Land) (CD) (2014)
Sound Age Productions, symphonic metal
Sventoyar (Свентояр) - Єдність (Unity) (CD) (2013)
Sound Age Productions, folk death metal
The Sign Of Ampersand - Dark Shades Of Mystery (CD) (2017)
Sound Age Productions, symphonic metal
Todestriebe - Vicarius Filii Dei (CD) (2015)
Der Schwarze Tod / COD Music and Distro, black metal
Troin (Троин) - С Другой Стороны Земли (On The Other Side Of The Earth) (CD) (2017)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal

New & upcoming releases:

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