New Arrivals - 26.09.2021

by Solitude Productions

WITHOUT GOD - Siberian Tunes: Purple Clouds (CD) Digipak

The soil that has been cultivated by Without God for the past seven years since the phenomenal “Circus Of Freaks” gave a perfect harvest. The first crop has already been delivered in the form of the EP "Siberian Tunes: The Green Light", and now the second part has arrived in all its strength: the full-length album "Siberian Tunes: Purple Clouds" performed in a hard, dark and aggressive way, without mercy and compassion to listeners, pushing one straight into hell at full speed. The limited edition coming as a noble 4-panel digipack addressed to the true fans best expresses the message by Without God.


1. Bad Seeds 
2. Escape 
3. Celebration 
4. Mask 
5. Anxiety 
6. Not A Care 
7. Song Of The Stone 
8. Winner

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New Arrivals

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Terroraiser Magazine N 2 (86) (2021)

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