New Arrivals - 25.10.2020

by Solitude Productions

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New Arrivals

Abhoth - Abhoth (MCD) (2014)
Satanath / Darknagar Records / Grotesque Sounds, atmospheric death metal
Adfail - Unkindness... (CD) (2012)
Darknagar Records, death doom metal
All I Could Bleed - Burying The Past (CD) (2011)
Darknagar, modern death metal
Angizia - 39 Jahre Für Den Leierkastenmann Oder Ein Stück Für Die Judenstadt (CD) Digipak (2001)
Sun Empire Productions / Sun Empire Productions, avantgarde metal
Apoptygma Berzerk - Rocket Science (CD+DVD) Digipak (2009)
Gun, cult dark electronics
Asguard - Dreamslave... Awakening (CD+DVD) Digipak (2007)
Metalism Records / Backfire Productions, melodic death metal
Astrofaes - Live Hate (DVD) (2009)
Negative Existence, black metal
Atra Hora - Metahom (MCD) Digisleeve (2014)
Darknagar Records, black metal
Atra Hora - Via Combusta (CD) (2012)
Darknagar Records, ethno dark / death metal
Black Sabbath - Live...Gathered In Their Masses (CD+DVD) DVD Box (2013)
Vertigo / Universal Music Group International, heavy metal
Blood Covenant - Sign Of Time (CD) (2011)
Darknagar Records, symphonic black metal
Blood Storm - Alive In The Sirian Death Raid (DVD) (2006)
Pagan Flames, black metal
Boris - Heavy Metal Me (DVD) DVD Box (2005)
Diwphalanx Records, experimental sludge drone doom
Boris - 見殺し塔からずっと Live at Shimokitazawa Shelter (DVD) DVD Box (2003)
Diwphalanx Records, stoner / sludge / drone doom metal
Botch - 061502 (CD+DVD) A5 Digipak (2006)
Hydra Head Records, metalcore
Delirium Projekt - From Natural Waves (CD) A5 Digipak (2013)
Sun Empire Productions, gothic doom metal
Disolvo Animus - Aphesis (CD) (2012)
Darknagar Records, black death metal
Emptiness - Rusty Mind (Cult Of Emptiness) (Pro CDr+DVDr) (2010)
Satanarsa, funeral sludge doom
Fulci - Dead Lights / Red Sky (Pro CD-R) Special pack (2005)
Crucial Bliss, drone rock
Grobut Neerg - Cache (CD) (2012)
self released, folk death metal
Hypocrisy - Hell Over Sofia (20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion) (2xCD+DVD) A5 Digipak (2011)
Mazzar Records, melodic death metal
Inner Missing - Defeat (CD) (2014)
Darknagar Records / Satanath / Niberu, death doom metal
Inner Missing - Perjury (CD) (2013)
Darknagar, doom death metal
Ka Mmen - The Sands (CD) Digipak (2012)
Darknagar Records, progressive gothic / doom metal
Khanate - 13thMay2004KHNTVSSTOCKHOLM (Special Low Fidelity Version) (CD) Special pack (2004)
aRCHIVE, drone doom metal
Khanate - It's Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky (CD) Special pack (2005)
aRCHIVE, drone doom metal
Khors - Winter Stronghold (DVD) (2011)
Eclectic, black metal
L'Ordre Du Temple - In Hoc Signo Vinces (CD) A5 Digipak (2007)
My Funeral Records, black metal
Lost Conception - Paroxysm Of Despair (CD) (2011)
Darknagar, progressive death metal
Meat Cutting Floor - Rectal Quest (CD) (2013)
Darknagar Records, brutal death metal
Metallica - The Videos 1989 - 2004 (DVD) A5 Jewel Case (2006)
Vertigo / ЗАО "Юниверсал Мьюзик", thrash metal
Methadrone - Retrogression (CD) DVD Box (2005)
Subdrone Recordings, drone doom metal
Metsatoll - Lahinguvaljal Naeme, Raisk! (CD+DVD) (2006)
Nailboard, folk metal
Mood - The Last Ride Of Doomanoids (DVD) (2007)
Hammer, doom metal
Nadja / Methadrone - Absorption (CD) DVD Box (2005)
NOTHingness REcords, drone doom metal
Necroheresy - Divine Betrayal (MCD) (2014)
Satanath / Grotesque Sounds / Darknagar Records / Wings Of Destruction, death thrash metal
Necrotic Effect - Black Box (CD) (2013)
Darknagar Records, thrash metal
Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets (DVD) DVD Box (2002)
Relapse Records / Release Entertainment, sludge metal
Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) (CD+DVD) (2009)
Fono, sympho / gothic metal
Novembers Doom - The Novella Vosselaar (DVD) DVD Box (2008)
The End Records, death doom metal
Paradise Lost - Live Death (DVD) DVD Box (1990)
Cherry Red Films, death doom metal
Revelation - Осознание (Osoznanie) (CD) (2011)
Darknagar, gothic doom metal
Sacratus - ...Paradise For Two (CD) (2010)
Darknagar Records, death doom metal
Saralee - Damnation To Salvation (CD+DVD) (2008)
Firebox, gothic metal
Satanakozel (СатанаКозёл) - Рогатыя (Horned One) (CD) Digipak (2008)
Sound Age Productions, folk metal
Sculptor - Pact With The Doomed (CD) Digipak (2013)
Darknagar Records, death doom metal
Sepultura - Chaos DVD (DVD) DVD Box (2002)
Roadrunner Records, thrash metal
Shturm - Karmaruna (CD) Digibook (2012)
Darknagar Records, ethno death metal
Sklepmaster - The Great Apocalypse (CD+DVD) DVD Box (2012)
Not On Label (Sklepmaster Self-released), melodic death / thrash metal
Thanatoschizo - Schizo Level (CD) Digipak (2001)
Sun Empire Productions, doom death metal
Toadliquor - The Hortator's Lament (CD) (2003)
Southern Lord, sludge doom metal
V/A - Russian Death Metal Vol. 2 (CD) (2015)
Darknagar Records, death metal
Various - Music InFection Vol. 2: Totum Dissemination (DVD) DVD Box (2007)
CD-Maximum, metal
Various Artists - Chronicles Of Doom (DVD) DVD Box (2009)
Weird Truth Productions / Camisole, death doom metal
Vinterriket - Kontemplative Antagonismen Des Augenblicks (DVD) A5 Digibook (2007)
In the Morningside Records, dark ambient
Wreck Of The Hesperus - Light Rotting Out (CD) Special pack (2011)
Aesthetic Death, sludge / funeral doom metal

New & upcoming releases:

shattered-hope-vespers intaglio-intaglio intaglio-intaglio
intaglio-intaglio invernoir-the-void-and-the-unbearable-loss marche-funebre-einderlicht
ea-ea-taesse-grey-opaque-with-black-and-white-splatter ea-ea-taesse sunset-forsaken-85-nerves
elusive-god-the-darkest-flame fvneral-fvkk-lecherous-liturgies ivan-silver-screens
eyeless-in-gaza-act-i-the-protagonist towards-darkness-tetrad silvered-six-hours


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