DOOMED new album "6 Anti-Odes To Life" is out now!

by Solitude Productions

The sixth album by the German band embodies all the best features of Doomed. Diminishing death metal and progressive elements and slowing down the music, the band crafted an epic work filled mostly with melancholy rather than with fury typical for Doomed. Monumental doom death metal at this album demonstrates new colors shining with dark light. The record features again the invited musicians who added uniqueness to the album sound. The album comes as an extremely limited six-panel digipack including a conceptual poster-booklet and an inlay signed by the musicians.

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1 The Doors
2 Aura
3 Touched
4 Our Gifts
5 Reason
6 Insignificant
7 Layers (Ode To Life)

New Solitude Productions website

by Solitude Productions

Welcome to new Solitude Productions website!

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SELF-HATRED released second album "Hlubiny"

by Solitude Productions

The second album by Self-Hatred, the masters of atmospheric doom death metal from Czech Republic, has become a new step presenting a dynamic, yet monolithic, material carefully thought through down to the smallest detail: from sound to arrangements and concept. Varying stylistics from almost funeral doom metal to atmospheric black metal, with changing tempo and mixture of heavy guitar riffs with keyboards and different types of male vocals, the musicians achieved a unique integrity, reviving the story told by the album. This is a concept album with deep lyrics about losing beloved ones and oblivion. The album was recorded at Hellsound Studio, mixing and mastering was performed by Honza Kapak (Master's Hammer, Krieg, Nargaroth, Panychida). The sixteen-page booklet has conceptual design complementing the music with visual images. The album comes at a gold plated CD with pit-art.

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1 Konec
2 Odraz
3 Hlubiny
4 Střepy
5 Vzplanutí
6 Apatie
7 Očistec
8 Epitaf

POSTMORTAL releases debut EP "Soil"

by Solitude Productions
POSTMORTAL releases debut EP "Soil"

"Soil" is the first serious release of quite new polish band - Postmortal. Listeners can expect slow and heavy riffs, guitar melodies, melancholic atmosphere, raw production. Lyrics touch dead, doom and sadness topics. "Soil" is three tracks maintained in funeral doom/doom style, with vocals appearing almost only in growl form, without keyboards and samples. The EP is dedicated for people who admire bands like Thergothon, Ahab, My Dying Bride etc.

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ROME IN MONOCHROME release debut album "Away From Light"

by Solitude Productions
ROME IN MONOCHROME release debut album "Away From Light"

The debut full-length album of the Italian band Rome In Monochrome presents an unique mixture of doom, shoegaze, slowcore and post-rock. Rome In Monochrome is a triumph of isolation, an austere mask hiding the absolute life’s nonsense, a photo album full of blurred landscapes of abandoned hearts. The album compositions are elegant, intimate rituals facing ghost feelings and painful memories. You will drown in an ethereal, blinding sea of pain, a whiteout of grief, a descent into a maelstrom of caressing void. Melodic guitars, melancholic and desperate vocals will make the atmosphere of detachment and sadness saturated and, at the same time, attractive.

Join the cult of the absence of color.

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MAZE OF FEELINGS releases debut S/t album

by Solitude Productions

Maze of Feelings is an unusual band from Poland, which has two vocalists in the line-up, both from Russia, and they both have already become a significant part of the Russian dark scene. Andrey Karpukhin (Mare Infinitum, Abstract Spirit, Comatose Vigil) and Ivan Guskov (Mare Infinitum) are responsible for the variety of voices ranging from scream and growl to narrative and epic clean vocals that saturate music, which is an organic composition of doom death metal and dark metal. The harsh and heavy compositions of this debut album by Maze of Feelings, appearing quite straightforward at first glance, will immediately reveal many expressed emotions.

Band was created by Marcin Warzyński & Krzysztof Wieczerzycki and also includes Szymon Grodzki (Gnida, Sammath Naur, Invent-Sound Studio) and one of the best metal drummer Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, ex-Vader).

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DOOM:VS re-release debut album "Aeternum Vale" on CD

by Solitude Productions

Reissue of the Doom:VS’s acclaimed debut album “Aeternum Vale” on CD and special edition Digipak. The project by Johan Ericson, the guitarist of the Swedish band Draconian, became an authoritative example of the genre and a real rarity. Now you can get this gem for your CD collection again.

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2018 New year’s SALE

by Solitude Productions
2018 New year’s SALE

To celebrate upcoming holidays we offer you a 18% off coupon NEW2018. Offer valid only for orders which was made and paid before 30.12.2017. To use the discount just fill the Coupon space in shopping cart. All orders made after 25.12.2017 will be sent in 2018. Have a nice holidays.

SORROWFUL LAND новый EP "Where The Sullen Waters Flow"

by Solitude Productions
SORROWFUL LAND новый EP "Where The Sullen Waters Flow"

Эта группа появилась, чтобы вдохнуть в классический doom death metal новую жизнь, а этот свежий мини альбом был создан для того, чтобы показать, что группа продолжает высоко нести знамя стиля, следуя по проверенному пути жанра. Те, кто успели услышать дебютный альбом Sorrowful Land “Of Ruins…” будут удовлетворены чётким следованием канонам первопроходцев жанра, в лице My Dying Bride и Anathema, а те, кто впервые познакомятся с группой, благодаря этому миньону, найдут три утончённых трека, наполненных клавишными пассажами, атмосферными гитарами, украшенных вариативным вокалом и всё это сдобрено мелодикой и трагичным настроением. Это всё, что нужно, чтобы получить удовольствие от прослушивания.

Цифровой релиз

New DOOM:VS T-shirt preorder

by Solitude Productions
New DOOM:VS T-shirt preorder

Preorder for new DOOM:VS T-shirt is open

T-shirt design based on “The Dead Swan of the Woods” song lyrics from “Earthless” album
Heavy (200g) high quality t-shirt (cotton 95%, lycra 5%)
Special phosphoric paints used (glow in the dark)
Man’s S and XXXL sizes and ALL Girl’s sizes will be available only upon preorders before 10 December

Sizes description

Man size S M L XL XXL XXXL
Chest girth, cm 86-89 90-93 94-97 98-101 102-106 107-113
Width, cm 46 49 52 55 57 60
Length, cm 62 64 66 69 71 73


Girlie size XS S M L XL
Chest girth, cm 78-81 82-85 86-89 90-93 94-97
Width, cm 40 41 42,5 44 46
Length, cm 55 56 57 58 59

Preorder your shirt on Bandcamp –

Bundles available


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